Collation Sets

This page contained trial collation sets for multiple versions of MPESE texts, allowing for visual collation of variants. The online software hosting the collation sets will be withdrawn from 8 September 2020 ( This page will remain a placeholder until we find another solution.

Comparison Sets for Multiple Transcriptions

For several of the texts in the MPESE database, we have multiple transcriptions from different witnesses. There are many potential reasons why these might be helpful: for instance, to research textual variation, or scribal practice. To facilitate this, we have created comparison sets, using the freely available Juxta Commons website.

Note that these sets are best used alongside the transcriptions as published on the MPESE website. The Juxta interface normalises text to some degree in order to allow for easier visual comparison (for instance, at present the marginal notes to manuscript texts are not included here: the viewer only shows the main text). We have made available several 'collation sets': you can view these side-by-side or as visual heat maps. There are further instruction on using Juxta available at the link above.

Illustration of sets in Juxta

Note: some of the MPESE texts, especially when associated with other paratext, are unlike each other in textual terms (e.g., ‘Statement on the Assassination of Buckingham’), in which case collation data is more challenging to navigate. For a clean example, see, e.g., 'Advertisement of a Loyal Subject'.

For any questions about these collation sets, please contact Sebastiaan Verweij (

The following texts are currently available

Advertisements of a Loyal Subject to his Gracious Soveraign Drawn from Observations of the People's Speeches [2 witnesses]

Letter to the Marquess of Buckingham [3 witnesses]

Petition to the King (11 July 1640) [2 witnesses]

Instructions Concerning Lecturers and Ministers [2 witnesses]

Speech to the Lords at York (24 September 1640) [2 witnesses]

Statement on the Assassination of Buckingham [3 witnesses]

The Military Oath Offered at York and Refused

Prognostication of the Emperor's Principal Astrologers

Proceedings at the Council Table [2 witnesses]