Transcription Conventions

In preparing pamphlet transcriptions, we have followed semi-diplomatic conventions that aim to record, encode and display versions of the text as faithfully as practically possible. Transcriptions and XML encoding have been undertaken by a number of project members and volunteers, using the following guidelines:

[ ] Expanded text
{ } Unclear, missing or damaged text
< > Marginalia and other additions
xyz Deletions
xyz Interlinear additions (displayed as superscript)

Original spelling, capitalisation and punctuation have been followed

We have followed the original use of u/v and i/j

Double 'f' at the beginning of words has been transcribed as 'F'

Superscript formatting has not been retained, but where it indicates a contraction this has been expanded

Thorns have been transcribed as '[th]' (e.g. 'ye' becomes '[th]e')

NB. Although line breaks have been encoded in our XML data, they are not rendered on the website for ease of reading.