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'Articles Against Melvin (26 June 1628)'

British Library, Harley MS 390, ff. 417r-425r


5 Iuly 1628 Sir/

You had the flower of my last Saturdays intelligence in the end of the l[ett]re, which I then sent. I omitted onely to send you the copies of the Kings speach, of Manwarings submission & of the speaches whereof Mr M Melvin the Scottishman was to be arraigned. Which now I send you all {gap: elision}

This Mr Meluin whose strange speaches I now send you, had bin .2. monthes Prisoner & then suing according to the priuiledge of the law for an Habeas corpus the Kings Atturney told him he could not haue it being imprisoned for high treason. whereupon he desyred he might instantly have his tryall either by the law of nations or by a Iurie mixt of Scotts & English & was told, if he were so eager, he should, & accordingly was expected to haue bin arraigned at the Kings Bench barre, but when the time appointed came, was not.

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Certain speaches wherof one Mr Meluin a Scottishman is accused being nowe a prisoner in the Gatehouse & appointed as *yesterday Left margin: * Thursday june 26. 1628 to haue bene arraigned for high treason at the k[ing]s bench-barr, but was not.

Mr Meluyn said,

Left margin: 1. That the Dukes plott was that the parlam[en]t should be dissolued, and that the Duke & the king w[i]th a great army of horse & foot would warr against the Com[m]unalty, and that Scotland should assist him; so that whilest war was amongst ourselues, the enemy should come, for the kingdome is already sold to the enemy by the Duke.

Left margin: 2. That the Duke hath a stronger Counsell then the king, of w[hi]ch were Iesuits & Scottishmen, and that they sitt euery night from one a clock till three.

Left margin: 3. That when the king had a purpose to doe anything of what consequence soeuer, the Duke could alter it.

Left margin: 4. That there were but 4. honest bishops in the lande, and the rest were all Arminians & other sectes.

Left margin: 5. That when the Ordinance was shipped at St Martins, the duke caused the soldiers to go on, that they might be destroyed.

Left margin: 6. That the Duke said, he had an army of 16000 foot and 1200. horse.

Left margin: 7. That King Iames his bloud, and Marques Hamiltons cu[m] alijs cryed out for vengeance to heaven; that he could not but expect ruine upon this kingdom

Left margin: 8. That Prince Henry was poysoned by Sir Tho[mas] Ouerbury, who for the same was serued w[i]th the same sauce, and that the Earle of Somersett could say much to this

Left margin: 9. That hee himselfe hath a Cardinall to his vncle or neare kinsman, wherby he had great intelligence.


Mr Meluins speaches ag[ains]t the Duke of Buckingam

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12 Iuly 1628

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That on Tuesday that week Mr Meluin was discharged from being proceeded against it the Kings bench barre in case of high treason, in regard the grand Iury found an Ignoramus in the inditement; & so he was released vpon bayle: The Chancellor of Scotland most nobly (saith mine author) & i his Chancellors gowne, accompanying the same Mr Meluin to the barre & back againe to the prison, that he might what in him law countenance his freind against the implacable malice of &c

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19. Iuly 1628

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Mr Meluin, for all he was freed by the Iury, remaineth yet Prisoner in the Gatehouse, notwithstanding he proferreth very good Scottish bayle; but they will accept none but English.


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British Library, Harley MS 390, ff. 417r-425r, Newsletters from Joseph Meade to Sir M Stuteville, vol. II, 1626-1631

Languages: English

Creation date: 26 June 1628


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