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'A Catalogue of the Earl of Strafford's Friends, Who Voted Against the Bill of Attainder (1641)'

British Library, Harley MS 4931, f. 126r


Left margin: These men w[e]r[e] posted up in the yard to the Parliam[en]t staers, all their Names stood there a whole day May, 3d w[he]n there w[e]r[e] so many thousands, w[i]th this title, These are [th]e Betrayers of their Country. A Catalogue of the Earle of Straffords friends, which voted against the Bill of Attainder, in the House of Commons Apr. 22th. 1641.

Lord Digby. Mr Herbert. S[i]r Richard Gwin. S[i]r Henry Slingsby. S[i]r Wm Carnaly. Capt[ain] Digby. S[i]r Edward Elford. Mr Holbourne. Mr Tailor. Mr Price. Mr Newport. Capt[ain] Pollard. Mr Fenwick. Mr Venables. Mr Edw[ard] Kirton. Mr W[illia]m Withrington. S[i]r R[ichar]d Lea. Mr Io[hn] Coventry. Mr Iane. Mr Porter. Mr Scoome. L[ord]d Buckhurst. S[i]r George Clifton. S[i]r W[illia]m Pennyman. S[i]r Th[omas] Danby. S[i]r Rob[er]t Hatton. Mr Weston. Mr Alford. Mr Bridgman. Mr White. Mr W[illia]m Mallory. 
Mr Fettiplace. Mr Griffith. Mr Arundell. Mr Edgcombe. Mr Warwick. Mr Loyd. Mr Christopher Price. Mr Parrey. Mr {Travinion}. Mr W[illia]m Stanhop. quart. L[or]d Compton. S[i]r Th[omas] Fanshaw. S[i]r George Wentworth S[i]r Nic[holas] Slanning. S[i]r Patrick Curveind. Mr Weston. Serieant Hide. Mr Selden. Mr Chickley. Dr Turner. Mr Th[homas] Cooke. Mr Griffith. Mr Portman. Mr Alberough. Mr Sidn[ey] Goldolphin. Mr Noell. S[i]r Fred[erick]. Cornwallis. S[i]r George Wentworth. These men w[e]r[e] absent, whose good will was knowne for my L[or]d Strafford, Mr Hen. Piercy. S[i]r George Joh[n] Strangwaies. Mr Strangwaies. Mr Edw[ward] Waller. S[i]r Guy Palmes. Mr Vaughan. Mr Chadwell.

204 voted by for the Bill, besides neare 20 that declared [the]mselues not to be there at the hearing of the cause./

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British Library, Harley MS 4931, f. 126r,

Languages: English

Creation date: 1641


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Richard Bell (Research Associate)