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Covenanters 'Explanation of the Pacification of Berwick (1639)'

British Library, Additional MS 11045, ff. 44r-44v


In my last letter I menti-ond, howe they had made an explanation of those Articles of agreement, upon which both armyes were disbanded, I sett downe noe perticulers in my letter, but I will onely mention one or twoe at this tyme, first they alleadge, That his Ma[jes]tie should declare hee had noe ill opinion of his subiects of Scotland, notwithstanding hee had declard the contrarye in severall former proclamations, but required those papers should stand for his creditt, and for the poynt of honour with forraine nations, and required, they should not stand with him for words, and expressions soe longe as they obteyned the matter: they doe explane that his Ma[jes]tie should approve of the late Assembly of Glasco, though it bee sett downe a pretended Assembly in the late Articles, Then that hee should acknowledge the lawfullnesse of their ruleing Elders: alsoe, that his Ma[jes]tie should absolutely quite Episcopaci: I am assured by verie ill well affected men, There is nothing of all this true: It is true, 44v they stood upon the word pretended Assembly, as I wrote of at the tyme, when the Articles were in proposition, And that, they prest that the kinge would absolutely quite Episcopacie, to the first, the kinge would never coment, and therefore the scotch Commissioners did wave it: and for quiteing Episcopacie, his Ma[jes]tie promisd, if soe bee they could make it appeare in their next Assembly, Episcopacie was against the lawes, and constitutions of their Church, then hee would quite Episcopcie, but not till then, that they made it soe to appeare: Concerninge their owne Commissioners, They are iealous of them, onely because they doe not approve of their explanations and therefore they would not permitt them to repaire to his Ma[jes]tie to Barwicke before his comeing thence, as alsoe, because their Commissioners doe dislike their many insolencies lately committed by them, upon the kings party in Scotland, for doeing severall outrages upon them, and calling them Traytors, because they adhere to his Ma[jes]tie according to the agreement, his Ma[jes]tie desired of the Presbiteries, according to the Articles of agreement, that some Presbiteriesministers, thrust out by Glasco Assembly might bee restord by the Presbiteries, but this they would not graunt him, and therefore since his Ma[jes]tie could soe little prevaile in that where in hee ought to haue bine obayed, according to the Articles of agreement: hee hath left them to havetake newe resolutions here howe to proceede with them: I doe not find, There is yet any Commissioner appoynted to personate his Ma[jes]tie in their insueing Assembly, and Parliament, that will be resolvd upon here verie sodainely, which shall bee signified to them before their meeteing of the of August: Concerning their explanation, whome some of the english nobillity are chargd to haue reade, and approvd of: some of those lords never sawe them till his Ma[jes]tie came to Tibolds, and some others of the nobillity, which did reade them, did soe crye them downe for abuseing his Ma[jes]ties good intentions, as they supprest these explanations till the Kings army was totally disbanded, and all the English Commissioners retired from Barwick, w[hi]ch his Ma[jes]tie is nowe fully satisfied off.

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British Library, Additional MS 11045, ff. 44r-44v,

Languages: English

Creation date: 1639


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