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'Description of An Hieroglyphical Watch or Clock (1622)'

British Library, Additional MS 28640, ff. 127v-128r


Left margin: This I had of Mr Lammas in the latter end of the yeare 1622. A Description of an Hieroglyphicall Watch or Clocke found in the Library of Prague in Bohemia, at the taking of the Citie in the forme of a square clocke standing upon fower globes or balles in height halfe a foote.

  1. Vpon the Clocke in the top was a Diall hauing sixe houres, the hande standing at one. In a Circle round about it were written these words Me non audies sed uidebis And in the fower empty corners the Pictures of the 4 Monarchies in Daniell. Vpon the foreparte of the watche these wordes Viua manus Hussiana me pr[a]eparauit. Vpon the right side these Fatum non pondus me mouet. Vpon the lefte side these Motus meus finietur periodo sexta. Vpon the backside these Genio Hussiano rediuiuo reuelor.
  2. And vnder the bottome in the 4 corners 4 Escocheons. In the 2 corners next the backe, First an (Eagle displayed & then A white Lyon rampant with a forked taile, / the Armes of Bohemia. On the other 2 Corners First a Lyon Lyon sable the Armes of Flanders & Burgundie; then a double white Crosse / the Armes of Hungary in parte. In the Centre or middle of the bottome, these wordes, Deus pr[a]edestinauit Tempus demonstrabit Vigilans non dormiens me intelliget.
  3. Within the watche, when the Curious screwes were turned nothing was founde but a booke gilded a Booke gilded consisting of 8 virgin parchement leaves. The first leafe being the Title leafe had these wordes Periodus Roma{e} in Imperij per sex Mansiones partita Diuina Reuelatione annota{e} & belowe at the bottome Homine uili suppresso. The last leafe v[i]z the Conclusion leafe had on the MDCXXVI top Left margin: 1626. these numerall letters MDCXXVI & in the middest of the leafe & downwardes Vnus Pastor vnum ouile.
  4. The 6 leaves conteined included within these 2, conteined in Hieroglyph{i}call expressions the 6 motions of the Clocke to be accomplished in so many yeeres. The Hieroglyphickes are called Mansion{s} In the top of every one the yeere of lour Lorde in numerall letters. MDCXX. MDCXXI. &c.
  1. The Hieroglyphicke of the Mansion 1620 is A Lyon lying all along on the grounde, his forehalfe White, his hinder blacke, On his heades standes an Eagle displayed with 2 heades treading him downe with the Armes of Austria on his brest. On his hindermost parte standes ranging over him a Sable Lyon with a staffe or speare thrusting him thorough.
  2. In the second Mansion 1621 for 1621 is on the right side an Escocheon with 7 White towers in a Redd fielde the Armes of [th]e Prince of Transiluania / On the Lefte side another Escocheon with a double Crosse the Armes of Hungary. These 2 joyne hands, ouer which ioyning of handes is a Laurall Crowne & through it towards the sides ij Palme branches.
  3. In the Mansion 1622 is A Woman standing on a winged globe flying / in her right hande An Oliue branche of Peace / but looking to her Laurall garland in her Lefte hande.
  4. In the Mansion for 1623 is The Globe of Earth eleuated according to the Latitude of Germany vpon the top of which stands a Sworde with the pointe up to the Heauen & vnder the bottome a Dead mans skull. Vpon the East-side or towards the right hand Trisulcum fulmen a theefold wrigling thunder & lightning with fire breaking out of the globe / & vpon the west side a fayer Roman F.
  5. In the Mansion for 1624 is the Globe of the earth all blacke and couered with darknes yet in the Center or middle thereof A litle candle or light twinckling.
  6. In the Mansion for 1625 are 4 Escocheons tyed together. In the first & chiefe place standes the Armes of Hungary whole Armes of Hungary empaled. On the right handes somewhat belowe hang the Imperiall Eagle with the Armes of Austria on her breste / On the lefte side hangs one parte / or the single Armes of Hungary v[i]z the double white Crosse. but just vnderneath the foresaide empaled armes, is the White Lyon the Armes of Bohemia. According to the position are these 4 tyed together, & through the middest of theire knotte thrust crosse-wise 2 longe palme branches. This is the Left margin: Mansio[n] laste Motion or Hieroglyphicke. After which followes the Conclusion before 1626 as before.



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British Library, Additional MS 28640, ff. 127v-128r, John Rous's diary

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: 1622


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