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James VI & I, and Lord Keeper Williams, Bishop of Lincoln 'Letters Concerning Recusants (1622)'

British Library, Additional MS 28640, f. 127r


In the time of the Princes absence this was done

Iames by the grace of God &c. To the reuerend father Left margin: * in God our right trustie & welbeloued Chancelor Iohn Lord Bishop of Lincolne Lord keeper of our greate seale of England for the time being & to every of them Greeting / Whereas a marriage is intended to be shortlie had & solemnised betweene our most deere sonne Ch[arles] Prince of Wales & the {gap: } most excellent Princes the Ladie Mary of Spaine the said Princesse being a Rom[an] Chatholike We holde it fitte that such of our subjects as be of the same Religion conteining themselues otherwise within those bounds of loyaltie & dutie as is fitting for loyall & obedient subjects should be treated & vsed with all clemencie & mildnes / And therefore because we


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British Library, Additional MS 28640, f. 127r, John Rous's diary

Languages: English

Creation date: 1622


Keywords (Text Type)

  • letter

Keywords (Text Topics)

  • Catholicism
  • recusancy
  • prisons

Transcribed by:

Tim Wales (Research Assistant)