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'Extract from a letter describing events in Parliament and in London (c.1640)'

Surrey History Centre, 1248/1, f. 15r


On Munday Dr Chafin being called in Question for saying (in concione[m] ad cler[um]) Fro[m] Puritans and lay Parlam[en]ts good Lord deliver vs some would have sent hime to [th]e Tower Others would have him only on his knees accknowledge his error and recant in [th]e same place where he had preached it. The latter pr[e]vayled by one voice. Allderman Pennington offred from [th]e Maior and Aldermen to lend [th]e House 100 thousand pounds vpon {securety} of [th]e 2 Last subsidyes besid[es][th]e 60 thousand pound formerly promised w[hi]ch was accepted and [tha]t thankfully. I forgott to say [tha]t in Dr Chafins busines Mr Martin seing [th]e other side p[re]vayle sayd I am willing to release him clearely for I am satisfyed [tha]t he ment not to deprave this Parlem[en]t w[hi]ch hath so farr favored him as to p[ro]nounce him Innocent On Teusday Dr Bastwik[es] case was fully heard and he was awarded reparac[i]on fro[m][th]e L[or]ds of [th]e Starr Chamber [tha]t gave [th]e Sentence That day Question was made whether all those [that]t made [th]e new Cannons be in premunire Mr Bagshaw argued [tha]t they weere Mr Hill argued [tha]t they were guilty of treason Mr Bredgman (a B[isho]ps sonne) did learnedly argue [tha]t they were neither guilty of treason or pr[e]munire. It being noone [th]e House defered [th]e further debate till [th]e next day. The ArchB[isho]p is sent to [th]e Tower On Wensday Alderman Pennington came and quite altered his message concerning [th]e loane of any Mony at all. The clashing [tha]t was betweene Mr Martin and S[i]r Tho[mas] Jermin a privy councellor and Controwler about [tha]t and Mr Martins defence of his Father are to long to putt in a Letter News being brought out of [th]e North in w[ha]t a misserable state [th]e Armyes are for want of mony ([th]e p[ro]vision of [tha]t Country being spent) and [th]e daunger [tha]t they must of force pillage [th]e Country 2 or 3 days have bin taken vp in casting about for Mony & [th]e members of [th]e House of Parlam[en]t Some will lend Some will be bound. On Thursday one offred in [th]e name of [th]e Clergie freely to give 100 thousand pound so [tha]t [th]e House would condiscend to Some propositions they weere ready to make many weere ag[ains]t [th]e motion My L[ord]d Digbye sayd if [th]e partyes weere not in daunger of [th]e Law it was an acceptable p[ro]position but if they weere obnoxius we know (sayd he) how to have more of them. So they had leave to make their p[ro]positions on Friday

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Surrey History Centre, 1248/1, f. 15r

Languages: English

Creation date: c.1640


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Transcribed by:

Rebekah Day (Transcription Volunteer), Rebecca Doorbar (Transcription Volunteer), Tim Wales (Research Assistant)