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'A Letter by a Gent to a Noble Man to be Entertained into his Service (No date)'

British Library, Additional MS 22591, f. 30v


A letter by A Gent to A Noble man to be e[n]tertayned into his Service

Sir, I haue ever bine soe inclyned and addicted to followe you, that in my owne opynion I am an old retayner of yo[u]rs, and soe I am w[i]thin A deggre of houshold Servant, that is all the p[ro]motion I strive to come to/ and the whole effecte of this Letter, but I see soe manye Stepps, directed this waye, that I maye p[er]haps come to late, yet I hope yo[u]r nu[m]ber is not full, thoughe it be greate, & I suppose all are not invited, that goe, but some intrude/ w[hi]ch since I haue adventured to doe/ I will take it for extreame bountie too bee admitted, w[it]hin yo[u]r Gates, what I doe is prest by noe nececsitie, but to saue my longing, and satisfye my desires, w[hi]ch have A farre of ever serued you/ Once I thought to haue moved this Suite by Freindes, but that waye I was affraide it might miscarey, and I was not verye willing it should succeed, being both to intangle my selfe in obligac[i]ons, to other men, when I was to giue you securitie, and passe my selfe my selfe whollye over vnto you, soe I thought best to write, for to speake had bene to bold, and to miediate a waye, for one that strives to please him selfe/ for my Religio[n] you need not doubt it/ thoughe I haue travelled, Since you see/ I refuse to praye by {Saintes}/ and for my sufficiencye thoughe it be nothinge nowe, it can[n]ot chuse but be somethinge after I haue had the honor a while to attend on you Soe in hope at least of A Pardon I rest as far as in me lyeth


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British Library, Additional MS 22591, f. 30v,

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