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Ralph Starkey 'Separate Catalogues (Latest text dated 1617)'

British Library, Harley MS 537, ff. 80r-86r


Queene Mary.

The oratyone made by mr Fockname deane of poles to Queene mary in fauore of S[i]r Iohn Cheeke knight before the Rehersall of his Recantac[i]on An[n]o 1561556. in the 3 & 4th of P. and Mary./


Edward. 6.

The Coppy of a l[ett]re writtene by kinge Edward the .6. to the lords of the Counsell remaynynge at london re p[er]swadinge them to hould a moderate Course againste the duke of Somerset then lord p[ro]tector of the Realme in an[n]o 1549./

An acte of parleament passed againste the duke of Somersett Convicted upon Artycles prefferred & Condempned to impr{i}sonement duringe the kinges pleasur An[n]o 1549.

A discourse writtene by S[i]r Richard morysone the kinges Ambassadore w[i]th the Emperor shewinge the godly and vertuous Resolutyon of Edward the sixte touchingeuppon the the Emperores demaunddesires to have the lady marye his the kynges sister to be and and exept excepted allowed lyberty of her Conscience in England An[n]o 1553.

A proclematyone of the deathe of king Henry the Eight and proclayminge Edward the .6. his sonne kynge of England the 1 of february. 1546.

A proclematyon signefyenge to all those that houlde lands of the kynge by service at his Coronatyone, to com in and make Clayme for the same dated in februarye An[n]o 1546.

A proclematione for the Newe Coynes of gould and Siluere dated the xxiiijth daye of Ianuary An[n]o 2.E.6. .1548.

A proclematione that the Iudges and Iustyces of the peace shall appeare befor the the kings Counsell in the Starre Chamber dathed the 30th of Aprill An[n]o 1548. & the 2 yeare of Edward the 6th./


in Blomesbury. mr Raph Starky. at the gardiners howse there at a corner entring into Bloosebury./

for st Maries of Bethlem./


Queen Elizabethe Left margin: 1 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones speeche to mr Iustys manwode at such tyme as he was sworne Iudge An[n]o .:.

Left margin: 2 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones speeche in the Counsell chamber to Edmond Gryndall Arche bushope of Canterbury beinge in her ma[jes]t[ie]s displeasure An[n]o .:.

Left margin: 3 A letter written by S[i]r Nicolas Bacon shewth to her ma[jes]tie sheweinge his opinyon of daungers lyke to be intended to this Realme by french fraunce & Spayne An[n]o:.:.

Left margin: 4 Mynuts of le[tte]res written from seuerall parts of forrene acurrents An[n]o .1. Eliz:

Left margin: 5 The Effecte of a speech used by S[i]r Nichoolas Bacon to the Queen at his fyrste Callynge to be lord keeper of the great seall An[n]o .1. of Elizabeth./.

Left margin: 6 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones oratyone in parleamente An[n]o .1. Eliz: .1558. ./.

Left margin: 7 A mynute of letteres sent from severall countreyes of the accurrants An[n]o 2 Eliz

Left margin: 8 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones at the Counsell table concernyng an Ayd to be gevene to the Scotts for for remouinge the french out of Scotland An[n]o 2 Eliz:

Left margin: 9 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones speech in Starchamber shewinge the Cause of power to be sent in to Scotlande An[n]o .2. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 10 S[i]r Nicolas Bacone his spech in pr to the mayre of london in presence of the Queenes ma[jes]tie An[n]o 2 Eliz:

Left margin: .11. A mynute of Letteres sent from forene parts of accurrants An[no] .4. Eliz:

Left margin: 12 S[i]r Nicolas Bacon his speech in the sta Counsell chamber wether the Interviewe betweene the Queenes ma[jes]tie and the Scottish Queene wer Convenyente or Not. An[n]o 4 Eliz:

Left margin: .13. A minute of letteres sent from forraine parts of occurrants An[n]o 5 Elizabethe ./.

Left margin: 14 A minute of letteres sent from forraine parts of occurrants An[n]o .6. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 15 S[i]r Nycolas Bacon his speece to the queenes ma[jes]tie in her gallorye at westmynster perswadinge her to marryage and to publysh a Sus Successore to this Crowne. An[n]o .6. Eliza: ./.

Left margin: 16 S[i]r Nicolas Bacone A Speech delyuered by the Queene vnto [th]e Lord Keeper and the Reste of the Lordes of the vpper house of parleamente An[n]o .6. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 17 S[i]r Nicolas Bacon his his l[ette]res to the Queene he beinge in her displeasure An[n]o .6. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: .18. An Bill delyuered by hir ma[jes]tie to the Lady Bacon to be deivered to the Lord Keeper, her husband An[n]o .6. Eliz: /.

Left margin: 19 S[i]r Nicolas Bacon beinge in the Queenes displeasure wrott a letter to the mr Secretary Sissell for his medyaac[i]on to the Queene An[n]o .6. Eliz: /.


Queen Elizabeth Left margin: 20. Aminute of letteres sent from forraine parts of accurrants An[n]o .7. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: .21. A mynut of Letteres sent from forrayne parts of accurrants An[n]o .8. Eliza: ./.

Left margin: 22 A mynut of Letteres sent from forrayne parts of accurrants An[n]o ./9. of Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 23 A mynute of l[ette]res of accorrants sent from forrayne partes An[n]o .10. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 24 An Inquisytyone of sundry Reasones what is meete to be donne upon the demannds touchinge the marryage of Q: Eliz: and the Archeduke Charles An[n]o 10 Eliz: /.

Left margin: 25. A minut of Letteres of accurrants sent from forrayne p[ar]tes An[n]o .11. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: .26. A discourse of the maryage of Queene Elizabets maryage w[i]th the duke of Aniowe written by an vnknowne Author An[n]o .12. Eliz:/.

Left margin: 27 A mynute of Letteres of accurrants sent from forrayne p[ar]ts An[n]o 12 Eliz: /.

Left margin: 28 A mynut of le[tte]res of accurrants sent from forrayne parts An[n]o 13 Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 29. S[i]r Nicolas Bacones speeche in parleamente An[n]o .13. Eliz:

Left margin: 30 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones speeche in the end of [th]e parleamente An[n]o .13. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 31 A brefe declarac[i]on of such thinge as the duke of Norfolke hath omytted in his Examenac[i]on towchinge his procedings w[i]th the Queene of Scotts An[n]o .13. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 32 The Byshope of Rosse his procedinges betweene the Queen of Scotts and the duke of Norffolke An[n]o .13. & 14: Eliz:./.

Left margin: .33. A mynute of Le[tte]res of accurrantes sent from forene partes An[n]o 14 Eliz: /.

Left margin: .34. A deuise for the havinge of a marte Cittye w[i]thin England proiected by Io: Iones & Christofor goodman An[n]o .14. Eliz:

Left margin: 35 A mynut of l[ette]res of accurrants sent from foraine parts An[n]o 15 Eliz: ./.

Left margin: .36 A mynute of Le[tte]res of accurrantes sent from forayne parts An[n]o .16 Eliz: /.

Left margin: .37. S[i]r Nicolas Bacon[s] speech in parleament An[n]o .18. Eliz:./.

Left margin: 38. S[i]r Nicolas Bacons speech at the endinge of the parleament And An[n]o .18. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 39 S[i]r Walter Myldmayes speche in parleamente towchinge the Contempte of the mr Peeter Wentworth in his speeche in parleameant An[n]o 18. of Eliz:


Queene Elizaethe Left margin: 40 S[i]r walter myldmayds speech in parleament touchinge the byll preferde in parleament by the Lord Sturton to be resttored in bloude An[n]o .18. Eliz:/.

Left margin: 41 S[i]r walter myldmayds spech unto the bylle of forrestes prefered in parleament An[n]o .18. Eliz:/

Left margin: 42 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones letter written to the Queene Adusyng her of the .3. daungeres the Realme then stood in. An[n]o 20 Eliz:/

Left margin: .43. S[i]r Nicolas Bacones letter written to the Queene Admonyshinge her of ij daungeres the Realme then stood in An[n]o .20. Eliz:./.

Left margin: 44 S[i]r Nicolas Bacones letter written to mr Scecretary walsyngham towchinge the present daungeres of the Realme An[n]o 20 Eliz:

Left margin: 45 A conferrence at westemynstere towchinge Queene Elyzabethes maryage w[i]th mounsere duke of Anioye An[n]o .21 Eliz:

Left margin: 46 Poynts of state Consydered of in Counsell towchinge the present state of England to equall Fraunce & Spayne An[n]o 21. Eliz:./.

Left margin: 47 Lord Henry Howarde his discourse approvinge a marryage intended betweene Queene Elyzabethe And the duke of Anioye./ An[n]o 22 Eliza:

Left margin: 48 A Consultac[i]on at the Lord Treasureres house touching an Ayde to be sente in to holland againste the Kynge of Spaines foarces An[n]o 18 .26. Eliz:

Left margin: 49 S[i]r walter myldmayes speeche in parleamente towchinge the Queene of Scots Conspyrasye An[n]o 28. Eliz:./.

Left margin: 50 Courseelys negotyatyone in Scotland from the french kynge An[n]o 28. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: .51. The Earle of Essex appollogie for his voyage to the Assores An[n]o .39. Eliz: :/.

Left margin: 52 S[i]r Iohn Hollis his letter to the lord Tresuror Burley in regard of his speech vsed in the Starchamber in derogatyone of the s[ai]d S[i]r Iohn Hollyce An[n]o :39. Eliz: ./.

Left margin: 53 S[i]r walter myldmayes speeche in parleamente perswadying to graunt a subsedy An[n]o 18 Eliz:

Left margin: 54 The Coppie of a le[tte]res pattentes given by kinge Henry the 4th of Fraunce for the plantatione of Guiana An[n]o 1602 to Mar Reney Maree Lord of mountbarrot./.

Left margin: 55 A graunte made by Reney Maree vnto Daniell dela Tousche Lord of Raverdiere. to be his assotiate for the win[i]nge and possessinge of Guiana./.


Queen Elizabeth Left margin: 56 A Speeche delyuered by S[i]r walter myldmaye to the lords of the vpper house of Parleamente in the Name & behalfe of the Comones assembled in Parleamente touchinge a byll sent from the vpper house againste excesse in apparrell An[n]o .:.

Left margin: 57 A speech deliuered by S[i]r walter mildmay in the Co[m]mo[n]n house of Parleament Advisinge a Consideratione to be had, for the makinge of more straighter lawes againste the Enemyes of this state aswell forraigne as dmoestyke, And that meanes may be had for supplye of such shippinge and munityon as shalbe nedefull vpon all assayes in An[n]o .:.

Left margin: 58 A proiecte written by {gap: } for the Coyning of Basse moneyes for Ireland and prohibiting of Sterlinge moneyes to be Transported w[i]th and exchang to be established in sett places both in England & Ireland in An[n]o .:.

Left margin: 59 The procedings in the Starchamber agaynste mr dauisene on of the princepall scecretaryes to her ma[jes]tie for his Contempte in puttynge the warrante in executyo[n] for the deathe of the Queene of Scottes w[i]thout hir priuitye An[n]o 29 Eliz

Left margin: 60 A diologue written by S[i]r Thomas Smythe vpon consyderatyones whether it were fytte Queene Elyzabeth should contynewe sole & vnmaryed, or mary a stranger or one one of her owne subiectes in An[n]o 2 Elizabethe

Left margin: .61. Instructyones drawne for S[i]r Richard Wigmor his secret imploymente in Scotlande to temporise w[i]th the kynge of Scots for the deathe of his mother in An[n]o 30 Eliz:

Left margin: .62. Two letteres written by the duke of Norfolke in the Tower of London to his Children Admonyshinge them to bend them selues to the protestante Relygeon & good lyfe An[n]o 14 Eliz.

Left margin: .63. The presente Estate of the Nobillyty of Scotland as it was Certefyed unto the Lord Tresuror Burglegh in An[n]o 1578 the Eliz /

Left margin: .64. The Names of the Nobility of Scotland accordinge to their seuerall Estates and offyces as it was certefyed to the Lord Treasurer Burleighe in An[n]o 1582 the 24th of Eliz:


Jacobj Rex Left margin: 1 A discourse written by S[i]r walter Ralegh of the motione of marriage propounded by the Duke of Savoy between the Prince of Piemont & the lady Elizabethe, as also a crose marryage propounded by the same duke betweene Prince Henry and the duke of Savoyes own daughter & the Ladie Elizabethe sonne daughter./.

Left margin: 2 The Coppy of a Confirmatyone mad by H.4. frenche kinge of an Assotiatyon betweene the Lord montbarotte and the Lord of Rauerdiere for the Conquest of Guiana in An[n]o .1605. the 3 of Jacobi ./.

Left margin: 3 The Coppie of a Comissyone granted by H 4 french kynge Conffyrmyinge and strengtheninge his grauntes made vnto monser the Lord Montbarrott & the Lo[rd] Raverdere for the Conqueste of Guiana in An[n]o 1602 & An[]o 1605. dated in An[n]o .1609. the .7. of kynge Iames

Left margin: 4 The Coppie of a Comissyone grauntted by the Lord montemorancy Admirall of Fraunce vnto the Lord Rauerdierre for Creatinge him vizadmirall & freeinge of his shippes and prouisiones made for his voyadge vnto Guiana and other partes in the year of our lord .1609. the .7. of kinge Iames./.

Left margin: 5 The Coppie of a Comissyone made by the Lord of Rauardierre by vertue of the kynge of Fraunce his letters pattents {gap: illegible} made vntto him vnto the Lord Robarte Le Brette lo[rd] dubose, to Constytuteng the s[ai]d Lo[rd]du Babas dubose his lievtenante in the Countrye of Guiana and other p[ar]ts of Amerika dated An[n]o 1609. the 7 of Kyng Iames

Left margin: 6 The Coppie of a Comyssione made by the Lo[rd]of Rauardierre (by vertue of letters pattertes graunted vnto him by the kinge of France) unto Robarte Le Brette Lord of dubose Constytutynge the s[ai]d Lo[rd] dubose his liefetenante in the Country of Brazill dated the An[n]o .1610. the 7th of Kinge Iames stilo Romano./

Left margin: 7 The Coppy of the Speeche delyuered by S[i]r Francys Bacon knighte the kynges AttorneySolisetor generall unto the Lord Sanquer at the tyme of his Araygnemente at the kyngs bench barr for hiringe of Robert Carlisle and Iames Edwine to Murther Iohn Turner thea master of Deffence, the 27th of Iune .1612.


Jal Jac[o]bi R. Left margin: .7. The Coppie of the speeche delyuered by S[i]r Francis Bacon knight Solicetor generall vnto the kynge, at the Araignemente of the Lord sanque Sanquere in the kynges benche at westemester, for procuringe the mu Murder of Iohn Turner a Master of defence the of Iul Iune .1612.

Left margin: 8 The Coppy of a letter writtene by S[i]r walter Ralegh to the Earles of Nottyngham, Suffolke & deuonshir and to the Lord Cicill declaringe his Inosencie in the two poynts wherwith he was Charges in pointe of treason the xiijth of Auguste the 1. Iacobi/. an[n]o 1603.

Left margin: .9. A lettere writtene out of Scotland by an vnknowne Authore d to his frend in England discribinge the Nature of the Country and people of Scotland dated the 20th of Iune An[n]o .1617.

Left margin: .10. A peticone of the Barronets to the kinge upon a Controuersie of precedency betweene the yo[n]ger sonnes of viscounts and Barrones and the Barronets in Aprill An[n]o 1612 & in the 10th of the kinge

Left margin: 11 A peticon of the Barrones to the kinge vpon a controvercie of precedency betweene the Barronets and our sonns in Aprill an[n]o .1612. and in the 10th yeare of the kynge/.

Left margin: .12. The Coppy of a letter written S[i]r Robarte Carr viscont Rochester and after Earle of Somersett vnto the Lo[rd] Henry Howard Earle of Northampton An[n]o 1612 the 8th of february october in the 10th yeare of the kynge./.


.Q. Elizabethe. Left margin: .65. A discourse writtene by to her ma[jes]tie Aduisyng her ma[jes]tie A discourse written by vnto Queene Elisabethe againste Aduisynge her ma[jes]tie to hould a more stricte course againste the Papystes of England in the framynge of the {gap: illegible}yet to frame the oathe of Allegeance in a mor b mylder Course soarte, and to oppose her selfe againste the kynge of Spayne An[n]o .:.

Left margin: 66 A Coppie of a lettere written by S[i]r Walter Ralegh to the Earles of Nottyngham, Suffolke & devonshir and my Lord Cil Sicell befor his Araignemente dated the .19. of Auguste .1603.

Left margin: .67. An Aduise of suche meanes as are Considered fittest to putte the Forces of the Realme of England in order to w[i]thstand to w[i]th/ An Invasyone pretended by the kynge of Spaine sett downe by these Noble Captaynes of Experienc hereafter Followinge the 27 Nouember 1587[th]e 30 Eliz

Left margin: .68. A Iurnalle of Robarte Earle of Essexe his proceedinge in Ireland beinge sente ouer there her Ma[jes]ties lieftenant there in Aprille An[n]o .1599. and in the 41 of Eliz:

Left margin: .69. The generall state of Scotland and the Comonwelth therof w[i]th the Causes of their oftern Mutines & other disorderes &c in an[n]o ..: Collected by : G. F:

Left margin: 70 A discourse touchinge the state & Replanting of Ireland written by in An[n]o the of Queen Eizabeth.

Left margin: 71 A generall band voluntarely made by the good subiects of Iames the .6th Kinge of Scotland for the preservac[i]o[n] of his highnes p[er]sone in the pursuite of his vndoubted Right to the Crownes of England & Ireland in An[n]o 1599 An[n]o 41 of Eliz:


Queen Elizabeth Left margin: 72 The Speech of th S[i]r Thomas Eggerton Lord Keeper of the Greate Seale of Englande in the Stare Chambere touchinge the Contempte of the Earle Robarte Earle of Essell the Laste daye of Terme beinge the of in An[n]o .1599.

Left margin: .73. A Speeche deliuered by S[i]r Robarte Cicell princepall Secretary to the Queene in the Stare Chamber touchinge the Contempte of the Ear Robarte Earle of Essexe The Laste daye of Terme beinge the of in An[n]o 1599../

Left margin: 74 A Speech deliuered by S[i]r Robarte Cicell princepall Secretary to the Queene in the Stare Chamber touchinge the Treasone of Robarte Earle of Essexe the 13 of February in An[n]o 1600../

Left margin: 75 A letter written by S[i] Robarte Cicell princepall Secretary to the Queen and S[i]r Iohn Herberte Ambasadores in fraunce w[i]th H the 4th frenche kinge dated the .27th of marche An[n]no .1598.

Left margin: 76 Instructiones givene to S[i]r Thomas Smith knight on of her Ma[jes]t[ie]s privie Counsell sente in to Fra[u]nce to the french king to treate of the mariage betweene the duke of Aniou Queene Elizabethe and the duke of Aniou the french kings brother as also a p[er]swasione to signefy the be practises betweene the Queene of Scots and the duke of Norfolk againste the Queen & State An[n]o 3 december .1571.


Ra: Starkey An[n]o 1614.

The Preambulatyon of KentRight margin: 000

Left margin: 1 Parte of the Survaye of the Riuere of Themes Right margin: 001

Left margin: 2 Colectiones out of the lidger booke belonging to the Charterhouse of london Right margin: 002

Colectiones out of the Lidgere Booke of St martynes legraund in Londone Right margin: 005

Colectiones out of the Lidger booke of the Trineties Chorche in Londone Right margin: 017

Colectiones out of an old Record belonging to Christs Chorche in Canterburye Right margin: 025

The Foundatyon of Bethelem w[i]thoute Bushopesgate London Right margin: 027

The p[art] of the Cronecle of the kingdome of Man Right margin: 029

Colectiones out of an Addissyon to Flores HistoriarumRight margin: 037

The History in some p[ar]te of S[i]r Iohn Burley knighte of the gartore in .E.3. his dayes Right margin: 041

A sute betweene the deane & Chaptore of poles and the meare of London Right margin: 044

Left margin: + Colectyones out of the Cronecles of Tewkesburye Right margin: 045

Left margin: x Some passages of the lyffe of .H.6 by. an vnknowne Authore Right margin: 046

Left margin: x A bo Tracte takene out of a booke belonginge to wiche malbanke in Com[itatus] Chestore Right margin: 053

Left margin: x The Ariualle of .E4. and the bastord of falconbridge in England Right margin: 065 *

A tracte of the lyfe of Brute out of doctor Talbots Booke Right margin: 085

Richard the Third his deathe by the Lord Standleye Right margin: 089

The Morthere of Mr Arderne of Feversham in kente by his wives practis Right margin: 093

The duke of Somersets voyag in to Scotlande Right margin: 097

The seege of Leethe by [th]e Lord graye Right margin: 099

Lands given to St marye priory of bethelem Right margin: 028


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British Library, Harley MS 537, ff. 80r-86r,

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: Latest text dated 1617


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