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Huntington Library, EL 7976


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item 1, ff.1r-15v

'Arraignment of Mervin, Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven'

item 1, ff.16r-v

'Confession of Faith' by Mervyn Tuchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven

item 2

'Modern Form of Holding the Parliaments of England'

item 3

'Considerations Touching the Peace Now in Speech'

History: attributed to Raleigh

item 5

'Dialogue between a Councillor of State and a Justice of Peace' by Sir Walter Raleigh

History: abridged

item 9

'A Declaration How the Kings of England have from Time to Time Supported and Repaired their Estates, Collected out of the Records of the Tower' by Sir Robert Cotton

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