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'A Dialogue Between Two Zealots Concerning the &c in the New Oath (1640)'

British Library, Additional MS 22959, ff. 69v-70v


A Dialogue between two Zelots concerning /&c/ in the newe oath.

S[i]r Roger from a zealous piece of freeze
Raisd' to a vicar but without degrees:
Whose yeerly auditt may by strict accompt
To xx nobles and his veiles amount
Fedde on the Common of the Female charity
Vntill the Scottes can bring about theire parity.
70r So shotten that his soule much like himselfe
Walkes but in Quirpo; this same Clergie else
Encountring with a brother of the cloath
Fell presently to cudgels with the Oath
The quarrell was a strange mis-shapen monster
&c: (god blesse us) which they conster
The Brand upon the buttocke of the Beast
The Dragons tayle tied on a knott: a Neast
Of yong Apocrypha'ls, the fashion
Of a new mentall reseruation
Whiles Roger thus derides the text, the other
Winkes and expoundes, saying, my pious brother
Hearken with reuerence for the point is nice
I neuer read ont' but I fasted twice
And so by Reuelation know it better
Then all the learn'de Idolaters of the Letter
With that he swel'de and sette upon the Theame
Like great Goliah with his Weauers beame
I say to the &c thou lyest
Thou art the curled locke of Anti-Christ
Rubbish of Babel for who will not say
Tongues are confounded in et cetera?
Who sweares &c sweares more oathes at once
Then Cerberus out of his triple sconce
Who uiewes it well with the same eye beholdes
The ould false serpent in his numerous foldes
Accurs'd &c now now I sent
What the prodigious bloudy oysters meant
Oh Bowker Bowker how cam'st thou to lacke
This fiend in thy Prophetick Almanacke?
'Tis the darke uault where the infernall plott
Of Powder gainst the State was first begotte
70v Peruse the Oath and you shall soon descry it
By all the Fathers Garnets that stand by it
Gainst which the Church whereof I am a member
Shall keep another Fifth day of Nouember
Nay heeres not all I cannot halfe untrusse
Et cetera ‘tis so abdominous
The Trojan Nagge was not so fully lin’de
Vnrippe &c and you shall finde
Ogg the great Commissary and which is worse
Left margin: SkewbaldThe Apparitor upon the skew-balde horse
Then finally my babe of grace forbeare
Et cetera will be too large to sweare
For 'tis (to speake in a familier stile)
A Yorkeshire way-bit longer then a mile
Heere Roger was inspirde and by Gods diggers
Heele sweare in wordes at length and not in figures
No by this drinke which he takes of as loath
To leaue &c in his liquid oath
His brother pledg'de him and in that bloudy wine
He sweares hee’l be the Synods Catiline
Thus they dranke on not offering to parte
Till they had sworne out the eleuenth quart
Whiles all that heard and saw them jointly say
They and theire tribe were all - &c.

In cathedra derisorum ne sedeam Psa. 1.


No introduction.


British Library, Additional MS 22959, ff. 69v-70v, Diary of Reverend John Rous

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: 1640


No authors.

Keywords (Text Type)

  • verse
  • dialogue

Keywords (Text Topics)

  • The Etcaetera Oath
  • oaths
  • church government
  • episcopacy
  • church ministers

Transcribed by:

Richard Bell (Research Associate)