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John Felton 'Statement on the assassination of the Duke of Buckingham (23 August 1628)'

British Library, Additional MS 22959, f. 25v

25v {gap: elision}

Left margin: Sept 2.Sept. 2 This I receiued either as a copie of words vttered by the agent, or of some writing found about him, or both.

Let no man commend me for what I haue done, but rather discommend themselues; for if that god for theire sinnes had not taken away theire harte, this man could not haue continued thus long amongst us.

I shall euer accompt him uery base and not worthy the name of a soldier who will not be readie to sacrifice his life, for the glory of god, the honour of the king & good of the Country.

Iohn Felton


No introduction.


British Library, Additional MS 22959, f. 25v, Diary of Reverend John Rous

Languages: English

Creation date: 23 August 1628


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  • John Felton
  • assassination
  • Duke of Buckingham

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Richard Bell (Research Associate)