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John Felton 'Statement on the assassination of the Duke of Buckingham (and a chronogram of Buckingham's name) (23 August 1628)'

British Library, Harley MS 537, f. 104r


Let no man commend mee for doing it, but rather discommend themselues, for if God had not taken away ther hurts for ther sinnes, hee had not gone soe long unpunished.

Iohn Felton.

That man in my opinion wais cowardlie & base & deserveth neither the name of a gentleman, nor souldier that is unwilling to sacrifice his life for the honour of God, and the good of his King and Countrie

Iohn Felton.

Mens bona non vaga sors, virtus non gratia Regis
Nomina cui tribuit Dux bone convaleas
Exitium caput hoc fugiat nec turbida tollant
Tempora te curis o precor eripiant
Carminibus tua sit victuris instia virtus
Viuida nec lethes te vada 1 5 500 5 10 5 100 1 1000 1 surrpiant

GeorgIVs DVX BVckINghaMIæ.


Sit tibi climacterius annus.

Locto iam soeclo tandem sol pertulit annum Noni non videat quoesumus alme diem

Thie numerous name w[i]th this yeare doth agree But twentie nine heavens grant thou ne{gap: illegible}'re see.