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John Haskins 'Last Words (7 June 1640)'

British Library, Harley MS 4931, ff. 65r-65v


The Last Words of Iohn Haskins, who having lived all my dayes a Romane Catholique, & now being by Gods appointment to reco[m]mend my Body to the earth, & my Soule to God my Redeemer, I being troubled in Conscience, & being heeretofore told [tha]t to keepe a secrett in such a case, was meritorious, I {so} did forbeare, & haue concealed it till now, all-most too late to disclose it, being so neare my last breath. There is, & hath beene a rumour at this time of divers things, & all of [the]m haue not proved false, for smoake doth allwaies arise from some heate; & now belieue me, for I shall see you noe more, that [the]r[e] is as much treachery in, & about London now as ever there was in any age, & [tha]t supported by noe small ones; In Coleman-streete a greate man hath an house, I wold ioy for yo[u]r safety if [tha]t w[e]r[e] searched, & the garden-house adioyning [the]r[e]unto, & [the]r[e] yo[u] shall find o[u]r vault, w[hi]ch hath beene a long time making, let that be searched throughly, & [the]r[e] yo[u] shall find the heade-spring of all knavery; Let the close in Southwarke be looked unto, & o[u]r garden house in the upper ground, for to my knowledge [the]r[e] hath beene a conveyance a good while.

Thus out of a troubled mind haue I made knowne to yo[u], who ever [tha]t shalbe I cannot tell, nor where it wilbe left. And so I end. All my honest country-men farewell. I goe unto my rest.

Iun.1. 1640 Iohn Haskins.


Iohn Haskins his Letter found in St Mary Overies, Iun.7. 1640.


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British Library, Harley MS 4931, ff. 65r-65v,

Languages: English

Creation date: 7 June 1640


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  • letter
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  • Catholicism
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