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'The Poor Man's Petition (1603)'

Norfolk Record Office, AYL/186, f. [1r]


The poore mans petition to the king

  1. Good king lett there bee an Vniformitie in true Religion without any disturbance of papist or puritane.
  2. Good king lett good preechers be well p[ro]vided for, and without any bribeing come to their livinges.
  3. Good king lett poore souldiers be paid their wages, while they be imploied, and well p[ro]vided for when they arr maimed:
  4. Good king lett there not be such greatt delaies, and craftie p[ro]ceedings in lawe, and lette lawyers haue moderate fees; a pockes take the covetous attorney and merciles lawyer.
  5. Good king lett poore suters be heard quicklie, and with speed dispatched favourablee.
  6. Good king lett no man haue more offices then one, especiallie in the Court or towching the lawe.
  7. Good king cutt of theis paultrie licences, and all monopolies, fie vppon all close biting knverie./
  8. Good king suffer not great ordinance to be caried out of the Real{m} to the enemies as it hath bin, a plague vppon all covetous griping treasurers./
  9. Good king lett ordinarie causes be determined in the ordinarie court, and lett not the Chancerie be made a com[m]on shifting place to p[ro]longe causes for private gayne.
  10. Good king looke to the takers, and officers of the house, and to their exceeding fees, that pill and gueld the princelie allowance.
  11. Good king lett vs not be oppressed with so many impositions, p[ro]wlinges, and payments.
  12. Good king make not Lo[rd] of good Lincolne Duke of Shoreditche for he is a etc
  13. Good king make not sir Walter Wralie earle of Pancridge, for he is a etc.
  14. Good king love vs, and wee will love thee, and will spend our harts bloud for thee etc.

A libell throwne about the Court. in anno. D[omi]ni 1603.

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Norfolk Record Office, AYL/186, f. [1r]

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: 1603


No authors.

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  • petition

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  • offices
  • corruption
  • law
  • lawyers
  • monopolies
  • Cout of Wards
  • Court of Exchequer
  • Court of Chancery
  • merchants
  • customs and excise
  • royal parks
  • royal officers
  • anti-catholicism
  • puritanism
  • church government
  • church ministers
  • simony
  • soldiers

Transcribed by:

Susan Ward (Transcription Volunteer)