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Privy Council of Scotland 'The Copy of a Letter from the Lords of the Council of Scotland to the King (25 August 1637)'

British Library, Additional MS 35331, ff. 70v-71r


The Copie of a letter from the Lordes of the Councell of Scotlande to the kinge./

Most sacred sov[er]aigne.

Accordinge to the warrante of yo[u]r ma[jes]ties com[m]aundem[en]t wee haue bynn moste willinge and ready to giue all occurrance and assistance unto the Lordes of the Clergie for establishinge of the service booke. And notwithstandinge the barbarous tumulte occasioned only (for any thinge wee cann yet lerne) by a nomber of base and Rascally people, wee were very hopefull that in a shorte tyme w[i]thout any further trouble or importunity to yo[u]r ma[jes]tie to haue brought yt to passe; And to that ende havinge appointed a meetinge of Councell upon the 23th of this instante Auguste in this extraordinary tyme of vacancy expresly to consider of the beste course for advancinge of the saide service book wee finde our selves surprised (farre beyonde our expectation) w[i]th the clamors and feares of yo[u]r ma[jes]ties subiectes from diuerse p[ar]tes of the kingdome, and that71r and that even from those whoe otherwise haue heretofore lived in obedience to yo[u]r ma[jes]ties lawes) both in Eccl[esiast]i[c]all and Civill affayres: And that wee finde yt to bee a matter of soe highe a consequence in respecte of a generall grudge and murmurre of all sortes of people for urginge of the said service book as the lik hath not bynn hearde att any tyme heretofore: Soe as wee dare not any longer to delaye or conceale yt from yo[u]r ma[jes]tie where unto yt may tende or what effecte yt may produce. Nether doe dare wee medle further in the cause untill yt please yo[u]r ma[jes]tie in the deepenesse of yo[u]r royall Iudgm[en]t to pr[e]scribe the way after the hearinge all of all p[ar]ticulars, either by callinge yo[u]r ma[jes]ties councell and Lordes of the clergie to yo[u]r ma[jes]ties owne p[re]sence to effecte a course that may bee taken, for pacifyinge of the p[re]sente com[m]otion and establishinge of the saide service book, or otherwise by such other meanes as to your ma[jes]tie in yo[u]r greate wisedome shall seeme fitte. And wee haue appointed the 20th of September nexte for attendinge yo[u]r ma[jes]ties pleasure herin, w[hi]ch (as becom[m]eth faithfull and humble subiectes & those whome yo[u]r ma[jes]tie hath honored w[i]th yo[u]r royall com[m]aundem[en]t) wee are ready to followe and obaye. Soe w[i]thall humble prayers for yo[u]r ma[jes]ties longe and prosperous raigne wee reste &c.

Apud Edinburgu[m] 25° die Augusti 1637.


No introduction.


British Library, Additional MS 35331, ff. 70v-71r, Diary of Walter Yonge

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: 25 August 1637


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