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'Separate Catalogue (After 1622)'

British Library, Hargrave MS 311, ff. 206r-207v


Touching Parliam[en]ts.

  1. An Abstract or Abridgm[en]t of all the p[ar]liam[en]t Rolls in the Tower, Conteyning the sum[m]e & substance of all the private or vnprinted Acts, together w[i]th a briefe note of the printed Acts that either agree or differ from the Record.
  2. A Iournall or diary of the passages in the lower howse of p[ar]liam[en]t in the 13th yeare of Qu. Eliz.
  3. A Iournall of the lower house A[nn]o 35. Eliz.
  4. A like Iournall A[nn]o 39. Eliz.
  5. A like Journall very large A[nn]o 43. Eliz.
  6. Other seu[er]all speeches & passages in p[ar]l[ia]m[en]t in the Queens time to the quantity of 10. quier.

In the Kings time.

  1. Most of the remarkable passages & Speeches in the seu[er]all p[ar]l[ia]m[en]ts of the kings time.
  2. A Iournall of the last p[ar]liam[en]t in Ireland; wherin S[i]r John Davies was Speaker.
  3. Most of the passages in both houses this last p[ar]liam[en]t.
  4. A dialogue betwixt a Counsellor of State & a Iustice of Peace, the one p[er]swading, the other disswading the calling of a p[ar]liam[en]t: written by S[i]r Walter Raleigh.
  5. A discourse of the priviledges of p[ar]liam[en]t

In former times.

  1. Most of the vnprinted Acts at large of Ed.4. his time, many of the time of H.6. All of R.3. & some of H.7. his time. And div[er]s passages of H.8. his time.

Touching Peace and Warr

  1. A Relation written by S[i]r Fr. Vere of all such Sea voyages & land seruices as he he was imployed in during the time he lived in the warrs.
  2. A discourse ag[ains]t the Peace w[i]th Spaine written by S[i]r Walt. Raleigh 1° Jacobi.
  3. Two or 3. other seu[er]all discourses ag[ains]t the Peace w[i]th Spaine. eodem a[nn]o.
  4. The late order for the establishm[en]t of a Counesell of warr: w[i]th their Report of the Charge for the Recou[er]y of the Palatinate A[nn]o 1620./
  5. 206v
  6. A discourse touching the freeing of the Palatinate by Armes.
  7. A short view taken of great Brittaine & Spaine in matter of power.
  8. Reasons Coniecturall of warr & Truice betwixt the Spaniard & Archduchesse on the one p[ar]te, & the Estates gen[er]ll on th'other p[ar]te &c. 1621.
  9. The advise of the late Queens Counsell at warr touching the best meanes for defence of this Realme. 1587.
  10. Other seu[er]all discourses touching this Subiect of Peace or Warr.

Matter of Mariage.

  1. Divers discourses touching the Mariage of Mons.r w[i]th the late Q. of Engl[an]d: Some in approbac[i]on of the sayd Mariage & others ag[ains]t it: by the Lo[rd] Hen. Howard, S[i]r Phil. Sydney, S[i]r Fr Walsingham &c
  2. A discourse written by S[i]r Daniell Donne D[octo]r of the Civill Lawe touching the whole p[ro]cesse & p[ro]ceedinge of the late Nullitie betwixt thEarle of Essex & the La[dy] Frances Howard. &c.
  3. Seu[er]all discourses both for & against the Match w[i]th Spaine
  4. Other seu[er]all discourses of matters of Mariage.

Touching Travaile

  1. 1. Directions for travaile, by S[i]r Phil Sydney to his Brother now Earle of Leicester: by the late Earle of Essex to the Earle of Rutland: by S[i]r Foulke Grevill to a kinsman of his: by Secretary Dauison to his sonne: & by an vncertaine Author in Latine.
  2. S[i]r Thomas Ouerbury's Observac[i]ons in his travailes be vpon the State of the Low Cuntries, both on the Archdukes side, & that of the vnited Provinces, Also of the State of France.
  3. Diu[er]s other seu[er]all observac[i]ons; vzt; of the State of Italie: of the State of Spaine; of the State of the Lowe Cuntries; of the Indies &c.


Liues of famous Men

  1. The life of K. H. the 5th of Engl[an]d.
  2. A short view of H. the 3. his life, written by S[i]r Robt Cotton.
  3. The life of S[i]r Tho. More some somtyme Lord Chauncellor of England.
  4. A briefe & excellent discourse of the birth, p[ro]gresse of life, and lamentable death of Hen. 4. of France.
  5. The life & death of Prince Henry


  1. Argum[en]ts for the Right of the King of Engl[an]d to the Crowne & kingdome of France.
  2. Reasons to proue the Queens right to haue the restituc[i]on of Calleys 1567. by S[i]r Tho. Smith.
  3. A l[ett]re sent to her Ma[jes]tie from S[i]r Hen. Norrice & S[i]r Tho. Smith her Ambass[ado]rs in France touching their speech had w[i]th the K. & Q. thereabout the restituc[i]on of Calleys, dated the 3d of May 1567.
  4. A l[ett]re or Apologie written by Count Arundell to the late L[ord] Thr[easure]r Burleigh touching his Title of Comes Imperij &c.


  1. The Conclaue of Pope Gregory the 14th, wherin are recompted distinctlie & orderlie all the actions that happened in the same. A[nn]o d[omi]ni 1591.
  2. A Conference before the Lords touching Prohibic[i]ons on the 23th of May 1611.
  3. Certaine Collections touching Prohibic[i]ons. &c.
  4. Touching Com[m]endams a Conference at Whitehall the 6. of Iune 1616.
  5. The Archb[ishop] of Cant his Case touching Regularitie or irregularitie &c.
  6. A Confession of the Faith by S[i]r Fr. Bacon.
  7. Pollicies propounded vnto the late Queene ag[ains]t Popish Recusants.
  8. A discourse, whether it be better to suppresse Popish practises by the strict execuc[i]on of the Lawes made ag[ains]t Priests & Iesuits, or to restraine them to close prison &c.
  9. 207v
  10. The late direcc[i]on of his Ma[jes]tie for Preachers 1622. w[i]th an Explanac[i]on of the sayd direcc[i]on.
  11. The L[ord] keep[er] his l[ett]re to the Iudges touching th'enlargem[ent] of the Recusant Prison[er]s
  12. A l[ett]re declaring the nature & reason of the late favor extended to the Lay Recusants. cum multis alijs.


  • Of the E[arl] of Essex
  • Of the D[uke] of Norff[olk]
  • Of the 14. Traytors.
  • Of Campian the Iesuite.
  • Of S[i]r Tho. Wyatt.
  • Of S[i]r Walt Raleigh
  • Of D[octo]r Parry.
  • Of S[i]r John Perrott
  • Of Weston that poisoned S[i]r Tho. Ouerbury.
  • Of M[ist]ris Turner & all the rest touching that busines w[i]th many others, & other things that haue relation to the same Arraignem[en]ts.

Touching the Chauncery

  • The power & Iurisdicc[i]on of that Court, w[i]th the mann[er] of p[ro]ceeding there &c. discourses of the antiquity therof, & diu[er]s speciall Presidents of that Court &c.


  • The like of the Starrchamber.

Marches of Wales.

  1. Instrucc[i]ons to the L[ord] President for the governm[en]t of the Marches of Wales.
  2. A discourse touching the Principalitie of Wales, Dukedome of Cornwall & Earldome of Chester written by Iudge Dodderidge.
  3. Divers other passages touching Wales & the Marches thereof.

Com[m]on Law. Diu[er]s peeces of Co[mm]on Lawe, vzt, Argum[en]ts. Reports. Readings &c.

Instrucc[i]ons for Ambass[ado]rs, very many, both auntient & moderne

Cum multis alijs


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British Library, Hargrave MS 311, ff. 206r-207v,

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: After 1622


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