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Gentry of Yorkshire 'Petition to the King Presented at the Assizes of York (28 July 1640)'

British Library, Additional MS 22959, ff. 63r-64r


Left margin: Petitions deliuered or intended (ut dicitur) To the kings most excellent Maj[es]tie The humble petition of the Gentry in your Maj[estie]s County of Yorke now assembled at the Assises of Yorke this 28 of July 1640.—/

May it please your Majestie

Yo[u]r most humble servants shewe unto yo[u]r most excellent Majestie that in all humility this Country hath endeavoured to fulfill yo[u]r Maje[stie]s Commands with the forwardest of yo[u]r Majesties subjects, & the last yeer in the execution of yo[u]r Majesties Royall Command, about the 63v Militarie affaires did expend 100000 li to our great impouerishment, & farre aboue the proportion of other Countries, which although at that time we were willing out of our desires to serve yo[u]r Majestie to doe; yet for the future the burthen is so heavie that we neither can or are able to beare it. Now upon this our cheerfulnes to serue yo[u]r Majestie we hoped to haue found equall favour with other Countries.

But so it is most gracious Soveraigne to our great griefe & as we conceiue to the great disservice of yo[u]r Maj[es]tie we find our selues opprest with the billeting of unruly Soldiers, whose speeches & actions tend to the burning of our Villages & houses & to whose violence & insolence we are so daily subject as we cannot say we possesse our wiues children & estates in safety.

Wherefore we are imboldened to present these our humble complaints, beseeching yo[u]r Majestie that as the billeting of soldiers in any of yo[u]r subjects houses ag[ains]t their will is contrary to the auncient Lawes of this kingdome confirmed by yo[u]r Majestie in the petition of Right we most humbly desire yo[u]r sacred Majestie that this unsupportable burthen may be taken of from us lest by theire insolencie some such bad accident may happen as will be much displeasing to yo[u]r sacred Majestie & yo[u]r loyall & obedient Subjects who will never cease to pray for &c.

Philip Wharton. ar Fairefax Henry Bellassis Wm Sauile Fra. Wortley Tho. Bower Io. Hotham Edward Stanhope Henry Griffith Will.m Sheffielde Rich. Daruy Io. Ramsden Hugh Cholmley Hugh Bethel Willm Strickland Phil Stapleton. Geo. Wentworth. Tho. Remington Tho. Wretham. Io. Hotham jun[ior] Tho. Gower Ro. Strickl.d Io. Hegan. Geo. Butler Fr. Mouncton Hen. Chaubey Geo. Trotter Henry Darly Ric. Remingto[n] Willm Franckland Th. Hublewaile Chr. Peaslifay Io. Pearsell. Bri. Stapleto[n] Ing. Lepton Hen. Anderson Geo. Crutly. Geo. Marwood Tho. Hasket Io. Aulaby. 64r Christ. Hogarde. Mar. Borcliffe Wm Mallosie &c. Io. Ingleby 45. &c. Edw. Gower