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Gentry of Yorkshire 'Petition to the King Presented at the Assizes of York (28 July 1640)'

British Library, Harley MS 4931, f. 64r


To the Kings most Excellent Ma[jes]ty The Humble Petition of [th]e Gentry in yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes County of Yorke now assembled at [th]e Assizes of Yorke Jul. 28. 1640.

May it please yo[u]r Ma[jes]ty.

Yo[u]r most humble subj[ec]ts show to yo[u]r most sacred Ma[jes]ty, [tha]t in all humility this County hath endeavoured to fullfill yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes Com[m]ands w[i]th the forwardest of yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes Subiects, & [th]e last yeare in the execution of yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes royall com[m]and about [th]e military affaires did expend 100000 l to o[u]r impoverishm[en]t & farre aboue the propor-tion of other Counties, w[hi]ch, although at [tha]t time we w[e]r[e] willing out of o[u]r desires to serue yo[u]r ma[jes]ty to doe, yet for the future the burden is so heavy [tha]t we neither can, or are able to beare it; now upon this o[u]r cheerfullnes to serue yo[u]r Ma[jes]ty we hoped to haue had equall favour w[i]th other Counties.

But so it is (most Gracious Soveraigne) to o[u]r greate griefe, & as we conceiue to the greate disservice of yo[u]r Ma[jes]ty, we finde o[u]r selues oppressed with the billetting of unruly souldiers, whose speeches, & actions tend to the burning of o[u]r villages, & houses, & to whose vio-lence, & insolencies we are daily subiect, as we cannot say we possesse o[u]r wiues, children, and estates in safety.

Wherefore we are emboldned to pr[e]sent these o[u]r complaints, besee-ching yo[u]r Ma[jes]ty [tha]t as the billetting of soldiers in any of yo[u]r Subj[ec]ts houses a-gainst [thei]r will, is contrary to the ancient lawes of the kingdome confirmed by yo[u]r Ma[jes]ty in the petition of right; We most humbly desire yo[u]r most sacred Ma[jes]ty, [tha]t this insupportable burden may be taken off from us, least by their insolencies some such sad accident may happen, as will be much displeasing to yo[u]r sacred Ma[jes]ty, & yo[u]r loyall, & obedient Subiects.

Who will humbly pray &c.

Phill. Wharton. Fer. Ferfaix. Henry Belloses. Wm Savill. Fran. Wrothley. Thom. Gower. Io. Hotham. Ed. Stanhop. Hen. Griffith. Wm Sheffield. Rich. Dartey. Io. Ramsden. Hen. Cholnely. Hen. Bechell. Wm Strickland. Phil. Stapleton. Geo. Wentworth. Thom. Rennington. Thom. Mecham. Io. Hotham iu. Th. Power iu. Rob. Strickland. Io. Legann. Geo. Butler. Fra. Mounton. Hen. Cholmley. Geo. Trotter. Hen. Darly. Rich. Rennington. Wm Frankland. Tho. Hubblewaite. Chris. Peachphay. Io. Peeresey. Br. Stapleton. Ing. Hopton. Hen. Anderson. Geo. Crutbey. Geo. Marwood. Thom. Hesech. Io. Auloby. Chris. Ledgend. Wm Mallery. Io. Inglebey Ed. Gower. Mar. Necchefe. with others.