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Charles I 'Instructions which you are to follow in the execution of his Majesty’s commission concerning the Order of Knighthood to be taken at the King's coronation (1630)'

British Library, Hargrave MS 311, ff. 179r-180r


Instructions w[hi]ch you are to Follow in [th]e executio{n} of his Mag[e]sties Commission concerninge [th]e order of Knight-hood to be taken att [th]e kings Coro{nation} by vertue of a stat[ute] maide Anno [th]e jst Ed.-2 putt in execution .1629.

1. First vpon [th]e receipt of this our Commission you are to me{et} and by y[ou]r joynt consents to aduise & resolue of [th]e fittest {gap: damage} & places & maner for y[ou]r execution of this our Commis{sion} w[i]th [th]e most expedition & best aduantage for our s{gap: damage}

2. Against [th]e time of y[ou]r furth[e]r meetinge you shall vse {gap: damage} best endeauors by y[ou]r selues & others to informe y[ou]r selu{es} all [th]e persons, who by [th]e law, or by the Tenor of this Commission ought to make agree[men]t w[i]th vs for there fines in case of contempt, & of their estates lying aswell w[i]thin th{gap: damage} as any other Countyes of this Realme./

3. To [tha]t end you shall send for [th]e vnd[e]r sheriffe, Escheator & {s}{gap: damage} of [th]e County, for [th]e high Constables, & Bayliffs, petty Con{stables} & such others as in y[ou]r Iugdments, yee thinke fittest to giue true informaton herein. All w[hi]ch or as many of them as y{ou} shall send for, wee charge & Com[m]and to attend you accor{dingly} & giue there best assistance for this our seruice./

4. That besides these informations, yee shall instructe y[ou]r se{lves} by [th]e veiw of [th]e subsidy Roll, & booke of [th]e Free-hold{gap: damage} [th]e Countye, [th]e Muster Roll & [th]e booke for Collection f{gap: damage} poore in their seuerall p[a]rishes; all w[hi]ch wee com[m]and {gap: damage} brought & shewd vnto you when yee shall yee shall req{gap: damage} [th]e same./

5. In makinge y[ou]r Compositions w[i]th any yee shall not accept {gap: damage} sum[m]e und[e]r 10 l. & yee shall raise it to a greater proporti{on} according to [th]e ability of [th]e party Compounding, wherein {gap: damage} generall we direct. That hee [tha]t is sett at lands in [th]{e sub}sidy booke shall pay at least [th]e rate he is sett at twice {gap: damage} halfe, & hee [tha]t is assessed in goods to pay at [th]e least d{gap: damage} [th]e rate att w[hi]ch hee is assessed. Vid[elicit] if att xx l. lands {gap: damage} 50 l. & if att xx l. goods to pay forty pounds, & so in the proportion./


6. If yee find any who hath a lesse proportion of reuenew in lands yet enough to charge him according to [th]e law, & hee hath a better estate in goods or other personall estate. yee shall then haue respect to his entire estate, both reall & personall, in making y[ou]r Composition. /

7. In makinge these Compositions yee may guide y[ou]r selues by the presidents w[hi]ch the Lords & others our Comissioners haue maide here aboue, [tha]t as nere as may bee theire bee an equallity w[i]th all, hauinge due respects to their estates & quallities: And w[i]th those [tha]t are in Com[mi]s[i]on for peace yee shall not make any Composition w[i]th any und[e]r xxv l. it being to bee presumed [tha]t they are all of good estate answerable their vnto./

8. For y[ou]r better directions w[i]th whome you are to deale in this case, yee are to take knowledge, [tha]t all Barronets whoe were not knighted att our Coronation or before, all knights who haue receiued [tha]t ord[e]r since [tha]t time, all who haue lands or rents to forty p[oun]ds yearly valew although held in soccage, or though held of a Com[m]on p[er]son or of vs by a meaner tenure all who haue but an estate of free-hold for life only are lyable to this fine./

9. If any shall refuse, or neglect to come before you or when they are come to make agree[men]t w[i]th you on our behalfe, you shall certefie their names, & places of habitation/.

10. If any shall alledge they haue already Compounded & payde & shall shew [th]e Tallye or Constat they are to be discharged, or if they shall alledge they are not yett returned by [th]e Shreiffs or shall make any other excuse, or giue any reason for theire discharge or refusall, you are to certefie [th]e same particularly w[i]th [th]e names of [th]e parties & their seuerall allegations to [th]e lords our Commissioners residinge here, [tha]t vpon consideration had thereof, such further course may be taken concerninge them, as shalbe agreeable to law & best for our seruice. /

11. When any doth Compound w[i]th you you shall eith[e]r receiue those monys in hand, or appoynt them a short day when to pay [th]e same, w[hi]ch shalbe w[i]thin 10 days after, to be payd to such of you as wee shall appoynt to be our Collector, & yee shall make a certificate thereof also particularly to our Lord Treasurer or to our Court of Exchequer vnd[e]r y[ou]r hands, or [th]e hands of two of you att [th]e least not being our Collector, & [th]e Acquittances of our Collector testifiing [th]e receipt thereof, shalbee theire discharge who pay [th]e same./

180r 12. The monys beinge receiued, y[ou]r Collector is to send [th]e s{gap: damage} vnto our receipt, w[i]thin 10 dayes after it is receiued for {gap: damage} Counties neere hand, for [th]e North & more remote Counti{es} Thirty days to be payd to [th]e hand of Edward Crane {E}{gap: damage} one of our Tellers their./

13. Yee shall certifie vs or [th]e Lords of our Councell, or {gap: damage} Lord Treasurer from tyme to tyme, of y[ou]r proceedinge {gap: damage} often as you shall haue cause & oportunity, but [th]e {gap: damage} it selfe to bee returned as is thereby directed./


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British Library, Hargrave MS 311, ff. 179r-180r,

Languages: English

Creation date: 1630


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