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Charles I 'Instructions Concerning Lecturers and Ministers (1629)'

British Library, Additional MS 22959, ff. 40r-40v


1630 Left margin: Apr.At the Generall of Swafham we receiued Articles Thus Directions for the Ministers & churchwardens of the seuerall Parishes of the Archdeaconry of Norff[olk].

1. His Majesties declaratio[n] published Anno Domini 1628 before the Articles of Religion for setling all questions in difference must be strictly obserued. Left margin: Articles.

2 Speciall care must be had concerning Lecturers in euery parish for whom these directions ensuing are to be obserued.

1 In all parishes the afternoon sermons must be turned into catechising by question & answer, where & whensoeuer there is no great cause apparent to breake this ancient & profitable order.

2 Euery Lecturer shall read Diuine seruice, according to the Liturgie printed by authority in his surplice & hood before the Lecture.

3 Where any Lecture is set up in a Market towne the same shall be read by a Company of graue & Orthodox Diuines neere adjoyning in the same Diocesse & they are to preach in gownes & not in cloakes as many use to doe.

If a Corporatio[n] doe mainteine a single Lecturer he must not be suffered to preach till he professe his willingnes to take upon him a liuing with cure of soules within that Incorporatio[n]; & he must actually take such benefice or Cure so soone as it shall be fairely procured for him.

3 The Ministers & Churchw[arden] in euery parish or one of them, are at these Generals & at euery Gen[eral] hereafter to certifie in theire verdicts the Christian names & surnames of euery Lecturer in theire Parish & the place where he preacheth together with his quality & degree.

4 They are in like manner to certifie the names of such men as being not qualified by lawe doe keepe Chaplens in theire houses.

5 They are further to certifie the names of all such as absent themselues from or are negligent in comming to Diuine seruice aswell prayers as Catechisings & sermons.


6. The Min[iste]r & Churchw[arden]s of euery parish successiuely are to keepe a seuerall copie of these instructions by them whereby they may be the better informed of theire duty; & the said copies are to be shewed at euery Generall when they shall present all such persons as haue disobeyed these instructions, that according to his Majesties pleasure such as doe conforme may be encouraged & such as are refractory may be punished.

These Articles thus receiued in one halfe sheete, printed we knowe not where, seeme to come from the king, in what sorte we knowe not; only this is knowne that they want the ordinary ratificatio[n] By the King


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British Library, Additional MS 22959, ff. 40r-40v, Diary of Reverend John Rous

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: 1629


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