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Charles I 'Instructions Concerning Lecturers and Ministers (1629)'

British Library, Hargrave MS 311, ff. 209r-209v


Carolus Rex

Instructions for the most Reuerend fathe{r} in God our right trusty, & right entyrely beloued Councellor George Lord ArchB[ishop] of Canterbury, concerning certaine Orde{rs} to be obserued, & put in excecution {by} the seuerall Bishops in his Prouince

Left margin: 1 That the Lords the Bishops be comanded to their seuerall seas to keepe residence exc{ep}ting those w[hi]ch are in necessary attendance at Court

Left margin: 2 That none of them resyde upon his land or lease, that he hath purchased nor on his Comendam (if he hold any) but in one of his episcopall house (if he haue any) & that he wast not the woods where any are left

Left margin: 3 That they giue Charge in ther trienniall visitations, & at other convenient times, both by themselue{s} & the Arch Deacons, that the Declaration for setling all Questions in difference be strictly obserued by all parties

Left margin: 4 That there be aspeciall care taken by them all that the {gap: illegible}Ordinations {gap: illegible} be solemne & not of unworthy persons,

Left margin: 5 That they take great care concerning the Lecturers in there seuerall Diocæsses, for whom we giue these seuerall directions following viz:

Left margin: 1 That in all parishes the after noones sermons may be turned into catechising by Question & Answere, where, & whensoeuer there is not some great cause apparent to breake this ancient, & profitable Order

Left margin: 2 That euery Bishop ordaine in his diocæsse that euery lecturer doe reade diuine seruice according to the {gap: illegible}liturgie printed by Author{i}ty in his surplice, & Hood before the lecture

Left margin: 3 That where a lecture is set up in a market towne it may be read by a Company of grau{e} & Orthodox deuines neare adjoyning & in the same diocæsse, & that the preach gownes & not in Cloakes as too many doe use

Left margin: 4 That if a Corporation doe maintaine doe a single lecturer he be not suffered to preach till he professe his willingnes to take upon him a liueing w[i]th care of soules w[i]thin that 209v Incorporation, & that he actually take such benifice or cure soe soone as it shall be fairely procured for him

Left margin: 5 That the Bishop doe countenance, & encouragrage the graue, & Orthodox deuines of their & that they use meanes by some of the Cleargy or others, that they may haue knowledge how both lecturers, & preachers behaue themselues in there sermons, that soe they mayy take Order for any abuse accordingly

Left margin: 6 That the Bishops suffer none under Noble men, & men quallified by law to haue any priuate Chaplayne in his house

Left margin: 7 That they take speciall care that diuine seruice be dilligently frequented aswell for prayers & Catechising, as sermons, & take particular note of all such as absent themselues Recusants, or otherwise

Left margin: 8 That euery Bishop that by our grace & fauour, & good opinion of his seruice, shall be nominated by us to another Bishopricricke, shall from that day of nomination not presume to make any lease for three liues or one, & twenty yeares, nor any Concurrent lease, or any way renew any estate or cut any wood or tymber, but meerely receiue the Rent due, & quit the place; For we thinke it an hatefull thing that any mans leauing the Bishopricke should almost undoe his successors And if any man shall presume this Order we will refuse all our royall assent, & keep him at the place w[hi]ch he hath soe abused

Left margin: 9 We comand you to giue us an Accompt euery yeare the 2d day of Ianuary of the performance of these our Comands



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British Library, Hargrave MS 311, ff. 209r-209v,

Languages: English, Latin

Creation date: 1629


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