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'Laudian Articles (1633)'

British Library, Additional MS 21935, ff. 10r-11r


OF Heaui Times 1633 A Bvndel of Marcyes {gap: elision} About this time I had a wrighting Come to my hand which are these greuious things that must be helden with us

Left margin: I That they that are Babtized are truly regenerate

Left margin: II That a Minister Cannot with a Safe Contience adminester [th]e Sacrament to one that doth not kneele

Left margin: III That a Cannonicall man may posses more benefices then one

Left margin: IIII That vnregenerate men haue right to temporall goods in Gods Cort

Left margin: V That ministiricall power of forgiuing Sinns is not merely declaratiue

Left margin: VI That the order of a Bishopes is by the law of God

Left margin: VII That bowing att the Name of Iesus is a pious Ceremony

Left margin: VIII That [th]e voyces of the people are not required to [th]e election of Ministers

Left margin: IX That Christ descended locally into hell

Left margin: X That the Church of Rome is a Church truely So Called


1633Heavie times The holy people of the Lord seing Idolatry Superstition & all maner of profainness are grieued but they know not what Course to take to haue it reformed for

Left margin: 1 If they Complaine at the visitation they doe but like birds Left margin: runne, among lime twiggs and in stead of reforming [th]e Church hamper themselues into troubles

Left margin: 2 If they Complaine to the Minister of the parish, either he is one that will be ready to defend it, Or if he be an honest Minister that would gladly see these things reformed. yet he dares not speake for feare of suspention, or if he doe Complaine B he is silenced if not suspended Ipse facto yea it may be loose his eares for his labour too

Left margin: 3 If they Complaine to the Magestrate, he dares not meddle with it to goe about any reformation. because he will say it belongs to the Church, Oh what a misery is this for any Church to be vnder such gouerment thus to bewaile her woefull miserie & Cannot be reformed

Left margin: 4 Those Ministers who are vnder any Bishops Dioscesse haue their mouths so Stopped by their lordly prelate . that they dare not reproue any Heresie, Idoletry or wickednesse which the Bishop doth either practis in himselfe or fauour in others

Left margin: 5 If any Heresie be in the Church any Drunkard, Horemonger, Or papist that can but get into the Bishops fauour, either by bribes or frendes, or any other way: then may Such profaine persons still abide, and goe on from time to time in theire filthynesse with out Controulement

And therefore O England England if euer thou wilt bee free from Iudgments, take notis of these thy Antichristian prelates disparate practises, Innouations, Popish designes. and Admire of Gods mercy & longsuffering towards vs in England

Oh doe but Consider what the issue of their proceedings might produce Should they haue gon on in bringing popish Ceremonies Superstition and Idoletry into [th]e Church as may appeare by their11r their Iestures. by their Ornaments, and by their actions

Left margin: 1 By the Iestures in their bowings & adornations before the Alter with their faces towards the East, Or at the name of Iesus. as if God was inclosed in the Alter As if the wes East ware fuller of Gods magiestie then the West or other parts And as if the Name Iesus was aboue or before the Name Iehouah. all which is Idolatry & Superstion

Left margin: 2 By their Ornaments In that they would make vs beleeue that holinesse is in the Surplis. Cap, Tippet or Cope aboue other garments, That the Alter is holier then the rest of the Temple & that the Temple wales makes the people holy And by these Ceremonys our lord Bishops and prelates would haue vs to worship God Which is nothing but Idolatry and Superstition therfore saith the prophet Ieremi Trust not in Lying words saying the Temple of the Lord Iere VII 4

Left margin: 3 By their actions In that they assume to themseules Lordly title & rule ouer Ministers which our Sauiour Christ reproueth Saying if any many desier to be first. the same shall be last Mar IX 35 And yeet how doe they by their Lordly gouerment Silence & punish holy and faithfull Ministers and others because they will not yeeld to their trash & rvbish which the holy word of God is so manifest against. and so any drunken base man that is according to their mind he is estemed & put in their place thus vile men is exalted and they that worke wickednesse are set vp Mal III 15


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British Library, Additional MS 21935, ff. 10r-11r, Nehemiah Wallington book

Languages: English

Creation date: 1633


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