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'Laudian Articles (11 June 1633)'

British Library, Additional MS 35331, f. 52v


Left margin: Subscription. vrged, or propounded to one upo[n] theise articles.

1. That B[ishop]s are Iure divino.

2. That they haue power to appointe ceremonies in the Churche. Left margin: (☼) see fol: 188.

3. That every Christian is bounde to submitte to the determination of the churche (that is at it was explaned to the goverm[en]t of the churche) in all poyntes, though contrary to a mans owne p[ri]vate opinion: other 2. there were of the same stampe. Others haue bynn {examined} whether they constantly bowe att the name of Left margin: Iesus Syracke Iosua called Iesus hebr[ew] Iesus: and what they thinck of keepinge of lente & fishdaies and whether they doe observe those dayes or not: others whether they beleive all infantes baptised to bee in the state of salva:tion./

{gap: elision}

August 4th 1633: An[n]o 9 Jac Caroli RR

Left margin: B[ishop] of Canterbury Doctor Abbottes archb[ishop] of Canterbury died the 4th day of August 1633 and the same day Doctor Lawde B[ishop] of london obtayned a {couge de lidr} to bee chosen in his roome./

Religion labored to bee suppressed.

1: by subscription to the book of com[m]on p[ray]er, Articles of 1562 1562. & homelies./ Left margin: 8. by settinge vpp of churchales./

2: by citing to b[ishop]s courtes such as resorted to sermons out of the owne p[ar]ishes

3: by givinge libertie to vse recreations vpon the lords dayes./

4: by silencinge of ministers, vpo[n] p[re]tended causes. & speakinge ag[ains]t Iuges./

Left margin: (☼) 5. by casting of the nick name of Puritan upo[n] p[ro]fessors that are {caytionable}

6. by censuringe in starr chamber & high com[m]ission such as pull downe painted glasse wyndowes in Churches as Mr shervill of Salisbury./

7. by exemptinge the clergie from secular Iuristidiction.

8/ by subscription to the Archb[ishop] Lawde his 10: articles.


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British Library, Additional MS 35331, f. 52v, Diary of Walter Yonge

Languages: English

Creation date: 11 June 1633


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