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'Laudian Articles (11 June 1633)'

British Library, Additional MS 35331, f. 62v


Left margin: see fol:98.(☼) It is reported that DD: Lawde Archb[ishop] of Canterbury hath a purpose to drawe all ministers to subscribe vnto certayne newe positions, and as many as shall refuse to bee suspended, or dealte w[i]thall in the highe Com[m]ission, the articles giuen out are theise/

Left margin: article 27: An[n]o 1562. 1. That they that are baptised are truly regenerated. No: for tis not the water that washeth away o[u]r sinnes but the bloode of Chr[ist] Io:1:26: Iohn bapt: baptised w[i]th water./ Io:1:33. Chr[ist] baptiseth w[i]th the holie ghoste./ Math: 3:11./ Luk:3:16. Mar:1:8./

2. That ministers cannot w[i]th a safe conscience administer the sacramente to them that doe not kneele./ howe did Chr[ist]? whitgifte ag[ains]t Cartwright pag:597. saith it is not of the substance of the sacram[en]t to administer yt {Wright}./

3. That a Can Can[n]onicall man may possesse more benefices then one/

Left margin: art: 38. An[n]o 1562 4. That an vnregenerate man hath righte to temporall goodes in Gods courte./

5. The ministers power of forgivenesse of sinnes is not merely declaratory./ Iob.34:31:13./ Io:9:31./ ag[ains]t the book of com[m]on prayer.

6. That the Order of B[ishop]s is by the Lawe of God.

7. That the bowinge att the name of Iesus is a pious ceremony:/

8. That the voice of the people is not required to the election of ministers../

9. That Christe descended locally into hell./ This day the shalbee w[i]th me (luk:22:43) in paradise

10. That the churche of Rome is a churche truly truly soe called./ as he saith of divells is {saieth} truly so called Iames 2:19./ The church of Antichrist./


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British Library, Additional MS 35331, f. 62v, Diary of Walter Yonge

Languages: English

Creation date: 11 June 1633


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