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'Lords' Petition (3 September 1640)'

British Library, Additional MS 35331, f. 78r


To the kings most excellente ma[jes]tie. 1640./ The humble petition of yo[u]r ma[jes]ties loyall and obediente subiectes whose names are under written, in the behalfe of themselues and diuerse others./.

Most gratious Soueraigne

The sence of that dutie & service w[hi]ch wee owe unto yo[u]r sacred ma[jes]tie and o[u]r earnest affections to the good and welfare of this yo[u]r Realme of Englande, haue moved us in all humility to beseeche yo[u]r royall ma[jes]tie to giue us leave to offer to yo[u]r princely wisedome the app[re]hension that wee & other yo[u]r faithfull subiectes haue conceaved of the greate distempers & dangers nowe thretninge the Churche and State, and yo[u]r Royall p[er]son, and of the fitteste meanes by w[hi]ch they may bee removed & p[re]vented.

Left margin: Evills./ The evills and dangers wherof yo[u]r ma[jes]tie may bee pleased to tak notice of are theise./

Left margin: 1. That yo[u]r ma[jes]ties sacred p[er]son is exposed to hassarde & danger in the p[re]sente expedition againste the Left margin: 2.3. Scottishe army. & 2. by occasion of this warre yo[u]r revenewe is much wasted. 3 yo[u]r subiectes burthened w[i]th coate and conducte money, billitinge of souldiers, and diuerse rapines and disorders comLeft margin: 4. mitted in severall partes of this yo[u]r Realme by the souldiers raised for that service. 4. and yo[u]r whole Left margin: 5. kingdome became full of feares and discontente./

Left margin: 6. The sundry Innovations in matters of religion, the Oathe and Cannons lately imposed upon the Clergie and other yo[u]r ma[jes]ties subiectes.

Left margin: 7. The greate increase of Popery, and the ymployinge of Popishe Recusantes and other yll affected to the Left margin: 8. Religion by lawe established in places of power and truste, Espetially in com[m]aundinge of men & armes both in the fielde and in sundry Counties of this yo[u]r Realme, Wheras by the lawes they are not permitted to haue armes in there owne howses.

Left margin: 9. The greate mischeifes w[hi]ch may falll upon this kingdome yf the intentions (w[hi]ch haue bynn credibly reported) of bringinge Irishe and forraine forces shoulde take effecte./

Left margin: 10. The vrginge of shippe money and prosecution of some Sherifes in the Starre chamber for not levyinge of yt.

Left margin: 11. The heavy charge upon Marchandise to the discoragemente of Trade, the multitude of Monopolies & other Left margin: 12. pattentes whereby the comodities & comforters of this kingdome are much burthened, to the greate & Left margin: 13. uniu[er]sall grevance of yo[u]r people.

Left margin: 14. The greate greife of yo[u]r subiectes by the longe intermission of parliam[en]tes and the late & former dissolvinge of such as haue bynn called w[i]thout the happie effects w[hi]ch otherwise they mighte haue produced.

Left margin: Remedie For Remedy wherof and p[re]vention of the dangers that maye ensue your Royall person, and to the whole State.

They doe in all humility and faithfulnesse beseeche yo[u]r most excellente ma[jes]tie that you woulde bee pleased to sumon a Parliam[en]t w[i]thin some shorte & conveniente tyme wherby the causes of theise and other greate grevances w[hi]ch yo[u]r people lye under may bee taken away, and the authors and Councellors of them may bee there broughte to such legall tryall and condigne punishm[en]t as the nature of the severall offences shall require, and the p[re]sente Warre may bee composed by yo[u]r ma[jes]ties wisedome w[i]thout bloude, in such manner as maye conduce to the hono[u]r and safety of yo[u]r ma[jes]ties p[er]son, the comforte of yo[u]r people, and the unitinge of both yo[u]r Realmes againste the com[m]on enemyes of the reformed Religion, And yo[u]r ma[jes]ties petitioners shall ever praye

Bedforde. [deade.] Hartforde. [synce m[ar]ques] Left margin: Earles. Essex. [lo: Chamberlaine.] Molgrave. Warwick. Bullingbrooke.

Say and Seale, [m[aste]r of the Wardes.] Left margin: Vicountes. Mandevill.

Brooke. Left margin: Lords. Howarde.

By the way in the Northe./

Rutlande. Left margin: Earles. Lincolne. Exeter.

Northe. Wylloubye. Left margin: Lordes./ Savell. Wharton. Lovelace.

Stat: 27: Eliz: cap:1./

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Seventeenth Century Print Exemplars

  • J[ohn] M[ilton], Newes from Hell, Rome and the Inns of Court (1641) [Wing M42A], pp. 8–10
  • J[ohn] M[ilton], News from Hell, Rome, and the Innes of Court (1642) [Wing M2131], pp. 8–10

Modern Print Exemplars

  • The Harleian Miscellany (1st ed.), vol. 7, pp. 205–206

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