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'Lords' Petition (3 September 1640)'

British Library, Harley MS 4931, ff. 67r-67v


Left margin: The Petition of the Lords, subscribed by 10 of them, & presented to the king at Yorke, Sept.3.1640. To the Kings most excellent Ma[jes]ty The humble Petition of yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes most loyall, & obedient Subj[ec]ts, whose names are here underwritten, in [th]e behalfe of [the]ms[elve]s, & of divers others.

Most Gracious Soveraigne,

The sense of [tha]t duty, & service, w[hi]ch we owe yo[u]r sacred Ma[jes]ty, & earnest affection to the good, & wellfare of this yo[u]r Realme of England, haue moved us in all humi-lity to beseech yo[u]r royall ma[jes]ty to giue us leaue to offere to yo[u]r Princely wis-dome the appr[e]hension, w[hi]ch we, & other of yo[u]r faithfull Subj[ec]ts haue conceived, of the g[rea]t distempers, & dangers now threatning the Church, & state, & yo[u]r Royall p[er]son, & of the fittest meanes by w[hi]ch they may be removed, & prevented.

The evills, & dangers, of w[hi]ch yo[u]r ma[jes]ty may be pleased to take notice of, are these.

That yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes sacred p[er]son is exposed to hazard, & danger in [th]e pr[e]sent conexpedition a-gainst the Scottish Army; And by occasion of [th]is warre, yo[u]r revenue is much wasted, yo[u]r subj[ec]ts burdened w[i]th {gap: illegible} coate, & conduct mony; Billeting of souldiers, & other Military charges; & divers Rapines, & Disorders committed in severall p[ar]tes of this yo[u]r Realme, by the souldiers raised for [tha]t service, & yo[u]r whole kingdome is become full of feares, & discontents.

The sundry innovations in matters of Religion, The Oath, & Canons lately impo-sed upon the cleargy, & other yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes Subi[ec]ts./.

The greate encrease of Popery, & the imploying of Popish Recusants, & other ill affected to the Religion by law established, in places of power, & trust, especially in com[m]anding of men, & Armes, both in the Field, & in severall Counties of this yo[u]r Realme, where as by [th]e Lawes {gap: illegible} they are not p[er]mitted to haue any in their Houses.

The greate mischiefes w[hi]ch may fall upon this kingdome, if the intentions, w[hi]ch haue beene credibly reported, of bringing in Irish, & Forraine forces shold take effect.

The urging of sp shipp-mony, & the prosecution of some Sheriffes in the Starr-chamber for not levying it.

The heavy charge upon Merchandize, to the discouraging of trade, The Mul-titude of Monopolies, & other Patents, whereby the Commodities, & Manufactures of the kingdome are much burdened, to the greate, & universall grievance of [th]e People.

The greate Subj[ec]ts griefe of yo[u]r Subj[ec]ts by the long intermission of Parliam[en]ts, & [th]e late, & former dissolving of such as haue beene called, w[i]thout the happy effect, w[hi]ch otherwise they might haue produced.

For the redresse wherof, & prevention of the dangers w[hi]ch may ensue to yo[u]r royall p[er]son, & to the whole state, they doe in all humility & faithfulnes beseech yo[u]r most Excellent ma[jes]ty, that yo[u] wold be pleased to summon a Parliament w[i]thin some shorte, & convenient time, wherby the causes of these, & other greate grievances, w[hi]ch yo[u]{r}{r} people lye under, may be taken away, & the Authours, & Counsellers of [the]m may be there brought to such legall tryall, & condigne punishm[en]t, as the nature of [thei]r Severall Offences shall require. And that the pr[e]sent warre may be composed, by yo[u]r ma[jes]tyes wisdome, w[i]thout blood, in such a manner as may conduce to the honour, & safety of yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes p[er]son, the comfort of yo[u]r People, & the uniting of both yo[u]r kingdomes against the Common Enemies of the reformed Re-ligion. Left margin: Presented to the King at his Court at yorke Septemb.3. 1640./

And yo[u]r Ma[jes]tyes Petitioners shall ever pr{ay}


  • Subscribed by
  • Earle of Bedford.
  • Earle of Essex.
  • Earle of Warwick.

  • Viscount Say, & Seale.
  • Lord Brooke.
  • Lord Pagett.
  • Lord Howard.
  • Lord Maundevile.

Other Witnesses

Seventeenth Century Print Exemplars

  • J[ohn] M[ilton], Newes from Hell, Rome and the Inns of Court (1641) [Wing M42A], pp. 8–10
  • J[ohn] M[ilton], News from Hell, Rome, and the Innes of Court (1642) [Wing M2131], pp. 8–10

Modern Print Exemplars

  • The Harleian Miscellany (1st ed.), vol. 7, pp. 205–206

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