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'Lords' Petition (1640)'

British Library, Additional MS 22959, ff. 65r-66r


Left margin: Receiued Sept. 9. The humble petition of yo[u]r Majesties most loyall subjects whose names are here underwitten in the behalfe of themselves & many others

Most gracious Soueraigne

The speed of that suite & service which we owe to yo[u]r Maj[es]tie & our ernest affection to the good & welfare of yo[u]r Realme of England hath moued us in all humility to beseech yo[u]r Royall Maj[es]tie to giue us leaue to offer to yo[u]r princely wisedome the approhension which we & others of yo[u]r faithfull Subjects haue conceiued of the great distemper & danger now threatning the Church & State & yo[u]r Royall person, & of the fittest meanes by which they may be remoued & prevented.

The Euill & Dammages whereof your Maj[es]tie may be pleased to take notice are

That yo[u]r Majesties sacred p[er]son is exposed to hazard & danger in the present expedition against the Scottes armie, & by this the occasion of this warre yo[u]r reuenues much wasted yo[u]r subjects much burthened 65v with Coate & Conducte mony, Billiting of soldiers raised for that service & your whole kingdome become full of Care & discontent.

The sundry Innovations in matters of Religion, the Oath & Canons lately imposed upon the Clergie & other yo[u]r Maj[es]t[y']s subjects, the great increase of Popery & employing of Popish recusants & others evill affected to yo[u]r Religion by lawe established in places of power & trust especially in Commanding men & armes both in the Field & in sundry Countries of this yo[u]r Realme, Whereas by the lawes they are p[er]mitted to haue no Armes in theire owne houses. The Greate mischiefe which may fall upon this kingdome if the intention w[hi]ch hath credibly been reported of bringing in Irish & forreine forces should take effect. The vrging of Shipmony & prosecution of Sheriffes in the Starre-Chamber for not levying it. The heavie charges upon Merchandise to the discouraging of Trade The multitude of Monopolies & other patents whereby the Commodities & Manufactures of this kingdome are much burthened, to the great & uniu[er]sall greevance of yo[u]r people.

The great griefe of the Subjects by the long intermission of Parliaments & the late & former dissoluing of such as haue beene called without the happie effect which otherwise they might haue produced.

Left margin: RemedyFor Remedie whereof & the prevention of danger which may ensue to yo[u]r Royall person & the whole State.

They doe in all humility & faithfulnes beseech yo[u]r most excellent Maj[es]tie that you wold be pleased to summon a Parliament within some shorte & 66r convenient time, whereby the cause of these & other great greevances which yo[u]r people lie under may be taken away, & the Authors & Councellors of them may be brought to such legall Tryall & condigne punishment as the nature of theire severall offences shall require, & the present warre may be composed by yo[u]r wisedome without effusion of bloud, in such manner as may conduce, to the hono[u]r & safetie of yo[u]r Maj[es]tis person, the Comfort of yo[u]r people, & the vnity of both yo[u]r Realmes, against Common enemies of Reformed Religion.

Left margin: See below Three-leaved flower And your Maj[es]ties Petitioners shall alwaies pray &c. see belowe Three-leaved flower .

'Tis said by some that this Petition was made by xij Nobles Erle of warwicke, {gap: illegible} Lord Say &c. Some say that the Counsell did joine excepting &c Others say that some of the privy Counsell undertooke the deliuery of it. But it is reported (as materiall if true) that his Majestie enclineth, & that Commissioners are appointed to treate with the Scottes (who be aduancing) upon the 10th of this s September./ There is also a reporte that teh Scottes being willing to referre all to an English Parliament, doe affirme yt if his Maj[es]tie dare not trust a Parliament in Scotland nor yet in England that he is but in evill case.

Left margin: Three-leaved flower Earles Bedford Hertford Essex Molgraue Warwicke Bullingbrooke Rutland Lincolne Exceter. Viconts Say & Seale Mandeuill Lo[rd] Brooke Lo[rd] Howard. Barons Lo[rd] North Willoughby Sauile Wharton Louelace.

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Seventeenth Century Print Exemplars

  • J[ohn] M[ilton], Newes from Hell, Rome and the Inns of Court (1641) [Wing M42A], pp. 8–10
  • J[ohn] M[ilton], News from Hell, Rome, and the Innes of Court (1642) [Wing M2131], pp. 8–10

Modern Print Exemplars

  • The Harleian Miscellany (1st ed.), vol. 7, pp. 205–206

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