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Houghton Library, fMS Eng 1266


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volume I, ff.32r-41r

'On War and Peace, in answer to Prince Henry' by Sir Robert Cotton

volume I, ff.65r-99x

'Advice of a Sea Man' by Nathaniel Knott

volume I, ff.111r-117r

'Opinion Touching the Alteration of Coin' by Sir Robert Cotton

volume I, ff.170r-175r

'The Lord Deputy's Entertainment in Ireland' by Wallsingham Gresley

volume I, ff.225r-229v

'Speech to Justice Finch' by Lord Keeper Thomas Coventry

volume II, ff.1r-41v

'The Sovereignty of the British Seas' by Sir John Borough

volume II, ff.257r-273x

'The Canvas of Cambridge'

volume II, ff.274r-279x

'An Unhappy View of the Whole Behaviour of My Lord Duke of Buckingham at the French Island Secretly Discovered' by William Fleetwood

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