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Henry Cary, Viscount Falkland 'Petition to Charles I for his Son (February 1630)'

British Library, Additional MS 22959, ff. 38r-38v


To the kings most excellent Majestie

Left margin: Feb. Carie uise. Falkland. The humble petition of the Lord Vicount Falkland one of the Lordes of his Maj[estie]s most hon[ourable] Privy Councell

Most humbly shewing that I had a sonne vntill I lost him in yo[u]r highnes displeasure, where I cannot seeke him because I haue no will to find him there. Men say that there is Left margin: for a challenge of a duell.a wild young man nowe prisoner in the Fleete for measuring his actions by his owne priuate sense, but now that for the same yo[u]r Majesties hand hath appeered in the punishment, he bowes & humbles himselfe, before & to it. Whether he be mine or not, I cannot discerne by any light but that of yo[u]r Royall Clemency, for only in this forgiuenes must I owne him mine. Forgiuenes is the glory of the supreme powers, & this the operation that when it is extended in the greatest measure, it converts the greatest offenders into the greatest lovers, & so makes purchase of the hearte in especiall priviledge peculier & due to Soveraigne Princes. If yo[u]r Majestie will 38v vouchsafe out of yo[u]r owne benignity to become a second nature & restore that unto me, which the first gaue & vainly depriued me of, I shall keepe the reckoning of the full number of my sonnes with comforte & render the tribute of my most humble thankfulnes, else my weake ould memory must forget one.

And pray