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Henry Cary, Viscount Falkland 'Petition to Charles I for his Son (February 1630)'

British Library, Hargrave MS 311, f. 208r


To [th]e kings most Excellent Majesty.

The humble petition of the Lo[rd] Viscont Faukland one of the Lordes of his majestyes priuy councell. Left margin: Humbly shewinge

That I had a sonne untill I lost him in y[ou]r high displeasure where I cannot seeke him because I haue noe will to finde him there.

Men say there is a wild young man now prisoner in [th]e Fleet, for measuring his actiones by his owne priuate sence: but now [tha]t for [th]e same y[ou]r majestys hand hath appeared in punishment, hee bowes and humbles himselfe to both: Whether hee be mine or not I can discerne by noe light but [tha]t of your Royall clemency for only in y[ou]r forgiuenes must I owne him mine.

Forgiuenes is [th]e glorye of supreame powers, and hath this operation [tha]t when it is extended in the greatest measure, it conuerts the greatest offenders into [th]e greatest Louers and so makes purchas of [th]e hart an especiall priuiledge peculiar and dew to soueraigne Princes.

If y[ou]r majesty will uouchsafe out of y[ou]r owne benegnity to become a second nature and restore [tha]t vnto me w[hi]ch [th]e 1st gaue me, and vanity depriued me of I shall keepe [th]e reckoninge of [th]e full number of my sonnes w[i]th comforte and render [th]e tribute of my most humble thankefullnes: else my weake old memory must forgett one; and pray etc.