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Lord Edward Bruce, and Sir Edward Sackville 'Challenges (1613)'

British Library, Additional MS 72407, ff. 52r-52v


Challenge from the Lord Bruce de Mr. Sackville

Sr I that am in france, heare howe much yow attribute to yor self, in this tyme that I have giuen the world leaue to sing your praises, and for me the truest Almanacke to tell yow how much I suffer. And if yow calle to memmory when I gaue yow my hande laste, I tolde yow I reserued the harte for a trouuer reconcilliation. Nowe be that Noble gentleman my Loue once spoke yow. Comme and doe him reason that coulde recyte the tryalls, yow on yor birth and Country were I not confident yor honor gives yow the same courage to doe me right, that it did to doe me wrong. Be mr of yor owne weapons & tyme; the place wheresomever I will wayte on yow. By doeing this yow shall shorten revenge, and cleare the Jallous opinyon the world hath of both our worthes. E. Bruce


As it shalbe alwayes farr from me to seek a quarrell; so will I alwayes be ready to meete any that desier to make tryall of my valor by so farre a course as yow requier. A witnes whereof yow shalbe, who within this moneth shall receiue a strickt accompte of tyme place, and weapons by him, that shall conduct yow thither, where yow shall fynde me disposed to give yow honorable satisfaction. In the meane tyme be as secrett of this appointment, as it seemes yow are desirous of it. E. Sackvill

A Monsr. Monsr. le Baron Kenlosse a Paris chez L’Hostel de Venise

I am ready at Tergoes a Towne in Zelande to give yow what satisfaction yor sword can render yow, accompanyed w[i]th a worthie gentleman of my second in degree a knight. And for yor 52v convienyency I will not limitt yow a peremptory day, but desyer yow to make it definyte, and speedy for yor owne honor, and feare of prevention, untill w[hi]ch tyme yow shall fynde me there E. Sackeuille Answere Sr. I haue receiued yor lre by yor man, and acknowledge yow haue delt nobly w[i]th me, and nowe I comme w[i]th all possible haste to see yow: E. Bruce

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