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Lord Edward Bruce, and Sir Edward Sackville 'Challenges (1614 [i.e. 1613])'

British Library, Additional MS 4149, ff. 210r-211r


A Challenge receaued by mr Edward Sackuill esquire, from ye Lord Brus a Scottish Baron, who fought together in ZeaLand, in the yeare of our Lord god 1614 wher the said Lord Brus was slaine

A mounsier mounsier Sackvill

.1614. I that ame in ffraunce heare how Much you attribute to yor selfe in this tyme, that I haue given the world Leave to ringe yor praises, and for mee ye truest Almenake to tell you how Much I suffere, And if you Calle to Memorie, when I gave you My hand last, I reserved the hart for a truer reconciliac[i]on. Now be that Noble gentleman My loue once spoke of, and come and doe him Right that could Recite Right tryalles you owe yor birthe and Countrie, were I not confident yor Honoure gives you the same Courage to doe Me right, that it did to doe Me wronge. Be Mr of yor owne weapons and tyme, the place where soeuer I will waite on you, by doing this, you shall shorten revenge and Cleare the idle opinion the world hath of both our worthes . / .

Edw: Brus . / . A mounsier


A moursier mounsier Le Baron de Kinlosse . / .

As it shalbe alwaye farr from Me to seeke a quarrell: soe will I alwayes be readie, to meet with any that desire to make tryall of My valor by soe faire a Course as you require: A witnes wherof yor selfe shalbe, who wthin a Moneth shall receave a stricte accounte, of tyme, place, and weapon, where you shall fynd me readie dispoased to give you honorable satisfaction, by him that shall Conducte you thethere, In the Meane tyme, be as secret of the appointment, as it seemes you are desirouse of it . / .

Edw: Sackuille . / .

I am ready at Tergos a Towne in Zealand to give you what satisfaction yor swoard can Render you accompanied w[i]th a worthie gentleman for my second, in degree a knight, And for yor Coming, I will not limitt you a peremptorie day, but desire you to Make a definite and speedie for yor owne honoure & feare of prevention untill w[hi]ch tym you shall fynde me theire . / .

Edw: Brus . / .

I haue receaued yor l[ett]re by yor Man, and acknowlidge you haue delt nobly with me, And now I come wth all possible211r all possible hast to meet you . / .

Edw: Sackuill . / .